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Welcome, sluts! Feel free to use this post to mingle to your heart's delight for this month's event! Remember to post the outcome of all match-ups HERE on the plotting post! The bracket will be updated as results roll in, so keep an eye on that in the coming days as well.

Happy fucking!

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Sirius vs. Yenh

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[What a world.]

[As much as she is up for the challenge, it is bizarre to think that winter is embodied in a woman (goddess?) who has actual tangible control of the seasons, and that they require very mortal needs to be controlled. Well, it's a nice way to warm up and... get to know people? She guesses???]

[Most importantly, if she can get the Echo back...]

[So here she is in as warm a shack as they get around here, awaiting her challenger as she plots her strategy in front of the fire.]
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[Of course Sirius signed up for a fucking competition. Overestimating his own skills in literally anything, but especially in being charming and sexy, is an essential part of who he is. It's only an added bonus that it's for the sake of fixing the seasons.

The chill itself doesn't bother him so much. He's used to worse winters at Hogwarts, and his Apprentice salary is more than enough to get him a good sweater, cloak, and scarf.

He's cozy enough as he marches to where Yenh told him to meet her, the only chill he feels a little anticipatory tingle up his spine. New friend, new fuckbuddy... he has to make a good impression.

Not always one for manners, he at least remembers to knock.]
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[She glances at the door. It's time. Taking a deep breath, hoping for the best, and smiling on the exhale, she leans against the wall in what she hopes is a somewhat sultry pose.]

[In a sing-song:]
Come in!

[Sirius will be treated to the slight of a woman in her change of clothes from home—a very fashionable mage's coat and accessories, all black—albeit with more feline aspects, such as her casually twitching lion tail, perked ears, and her pointy-toothed smile.]
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[Invitation gratefully taken. Sirius is already unwinding his scarf in a way he imagines is somewhat sultry when he actually turns his eyes up to Yinh.

And stops.

And stares.]

Woah, are those real? [He means the tail and the ears.] Did the magic here give you those?

[He temporarily forgot all about being sexy.]

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Aymeric vs. Egon

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[The cold had truly pushed him over the edge. He had dealt with this once before in his homeland with nothing to do about it but pray and bundle up. Except... the Mistress would not even allow a proper change of wardrobe. She allowed scarves and woolen leg warmers for her scantily clad guard, but that wasn't nearly enough.

This entire situation posed entirely too many problems, yet he saw this as the only answer. He would need to dodge anyone who knew him— at least for now. If he could win this contest and defeat the snow queen, then he would be able to levy the heroism of it against his shame. He had reached the stairs to the inn rooms before his anxiety stopped him. He turned towards the bar, purchased a bottle of wine with haste, then headed to the agreed upon location.

He knocked to announce himself, then tried the knob. He really didn't want to be caught in the hallway here.]

'Tis I, Aymeric.

[he attempted to project his voice through the door without being too loud.]
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[Egon had also gotten himself a nice big bottle of alcohol. He's glad he got matched up with a man for the first round, but he also hopes its not one of the several teenagers he's seen around. It's also a stranger, and- well, he does so much for science. Sue him.]

[Egon looks up from his glass of bourbon at the locked door, letting out an anxious little sigh and going up to open the door for his equally anxious partner.]

[He'll offer a polite little handshake as he hurriedly lets the younger man in.]

Hello. I'm doctor Egon Spengler.
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A healer! What valuable, fascinating work. [he takes his hand in kind as he steps in quick, making fairly serious eye contact.] I'm Ser Aymeric de Borel— [he tries to think of something pithy on the fly and as any Ishgardian does, fails] the Lord Commander of the Temple Knights— overseen by the Holy See, and High Chancellor of House of Lords.

[He closes the door behind him, letting out a soft sigh. He smiles all the same, like any good politician]

You need only call me Ser Ay- Just Aymeric. Forgive me, I'm not this sort of man. Few address me without title.
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[What a title. Egon nods, locking the door back so they don't find themselves interrupted in the middle of this competition. He gives his partner a quick, critical but not unhappy once-over. He does appreciate a man who's taller than him. Hopefully that's a good sign, what with the very royal attitude.]

Sounds like you come from quite a place of power.

I don't actually specialize in medicine, the the study of quantum physics and paranormal occurrences.

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whoops I realized Egon is 29

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Remus vs Éowyn

[personal profile] moonshined 2017-06-11 04:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[Of all the ridiculous, cockamamie shenanigans Remus has ever let Sirius Black drag him into, Remus is pretty sure this takes the cake. A fuck fest? Really. He should have known this was a terrible idea to top all terrible ideas.

And yet—maybe, just maybe, he's taking the opportunity for what it is. He's a hot-blooded teenage boy, after all, grown wizard or no, and this is an excuse to delve once more into the world of sex. The first time was more than enough to convince him that he likes it. It's just that he's been paired up with Éowyn, who seems very nice and with whom he's formed a friendship that he'd very much not like to fuck up. He's already skirted around temptation once, but this is a much more cut and dry situation.

At least, at the very least, they don't have to do this in public. That's his one comfort. If he embarrasses himself, only the two of them need to know about it.

Remus steels himself, and opens the door to his chamber. Much more secluded than the guards' barracks, after all. He gives his partner for the day what he hopes is an ingratiating smile.]

Come on in. Hope you're doing okay. Is there anything I can get you? Tea? Biscuits?
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[personal profile] shieldofrohan 2017-06-14 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
[Éowyn is regretting a lot of things in her life right now, mostly the overdeveloped sense of pride that made her sign up for this insanity. Now the hour's upon her, she's uncomfortably aware than maybe, just maybe, the slight of being thought to be scared might be less than the slight she's about to do to her country, her honour, herself...]

[But one thing's for sure. She did sign up, and that, to her mind, is a promise made, a challenge answered. She can't go back on it now.]

[When Remus answers the door, she draws herself up to her full height, breathing in long and slow to steady herself, and gives him a slightly wary smile. If she's going to do this, then she can at least think of plenty worse people to do it with.]

No. No, I am... I am quite all right.

[She clears her throat, nudging the door closed behind her, and crosses her arms a little self-consciously over her breasts.]

You look well.

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Good! Good.

[Remus's smile grows a little more relaxed, and he secures the door and steps back to do a quick sweep of the room. It's neat and tidy, with a few borrowed tomes stacked on the writing desk, the bed freshly made, and a few personal touches here and there—a soft rag rug in the center of the room, a few sketches of local fauna affixed to the walls.]

Oh—thanks. [He gestures at her politely.] So do you. Are you, ah. Have you—

[Another gesture. What's the polite way to ask someone if they're still a virgin? He's pretty sure there's not one.]
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[There's definitely not one. But luckily, Éowyn's sharp enough that he doesn't have to embarrass himself further by explaining what he means. She blushes a little, but does her best to keep her chin up, brushing past him to go and sit on his bed.]

No. I have never lain with a man. And that is the last we will say of it, save that you ought not to be worried if I bleed.

[She probably won't. She's been riding horses for most of her life, if nothing else. But she can't be sure of it, and it's best to be upfront about the risk.]

[Besides, if she's matter-of-fact enough, maybe it'll do something to quell the fluttering of her heart and settle that sick nervousness in her belly. Pretending confidence and control has won her battles in the past. Clearing her throat, she reaches up to unfasten her cloak, folding it and setting it to one side.]

Innocent I may be, but I do know we are too far apart to do what we must - not to mention too well-clothéd. Come, sit with me.

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Alisha vs John

[personal profile] frenzies 2017-06-12 02:27 am (UTC)(link)
[There's literally only one reason Alisha entered this stupid contest to begin with. It has nothing to do with wanting to cheat on Simon, and everything to do with being a princess who hates cold weather and would rather fuck herself silly than sit by freezing her tits off. So that's what she's going to do. She's had plenty of practice, after all. She's basically a professional at this point.

And, well, John isn't her ideal match-up, exactly, but he's not bad to look at, and he's nice and polite, which is more than she can say for some of the people around here. So she invites him to her crummy little shack, which she's managed to make slightly less crummy just by virtue of cleaning it and laying down a few strategically-placed rugs. She decides to wear something that's easy to get out of, so when John arrives he'll find that he's greeted by Alisha, wearing an alarmingly tiny bathrobe.]

Hiya. You ready to do this?
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[personal profile] heirlift 2017-06-19 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
Uh. Actually, not really...

[ John doesn't see fit to dress up too fancy, so when he shows up, it's in an unremarkably simple shirt-slack-coat combination and heavy boots, that leaves plenty to the imagination.

He instinctively tries to hide that he gawks at her initially, despite the fact that it's half the point of him coming here. Why did he sign up for this again? Oh yeah, his fellow guards blackmailed him into it. Right. Welp. He's not so keen on the unseasonable cold, and he can see that his fellow foreigners are suffering for it, so it's probably for the best. ]

I like your shack? It's nice.
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[personal profile] frenzies 2017-06-19 04:49 pm (UTC)(link)
[Alisha arches an eyebrow at him.]

For real? Like, you still a virgin or summat?

[Why is she suddenly like, the devirginizer?]

Not that there's anything wrong with it if you are. Just wanna know what I'm workin' with, yeah?
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[personal profile] heirlift 2017-06-20 06:05 am (UTC)(link)

[ That's a yes. Boy is this embarrassing, but it's not exactly his fault. ]

Listen, I spent most of my teenage years alone on a boat with my genetic sister, okay? And now I can't even be sure who is or isn't distantly related to me, and Rose is married, so it's not like I have many options...

[ He stops himself before he starts doing the Dave thing and rambling uselessly. ]

You sure we can't just call this now and be done with it?

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Éowyn vs. Kaphlar

[personal profile] shieldofrohan 2017-06-17 10:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[Honestly, she'd never admit it, but Éowyn's surprised to find she's made it past round one. And now, things have shifted. On the one hand, she no longer has to worry about being deflowered - it's done, it's over, and any dishonour is hers to bear now.]

[On the other hand, Kaphlar?]

[If Remus was the man she was glad to be paired with, it pales in comparison to how much she does not want to be paired with that arrogant, rude, self-centred asshole. She'd much rather punch him in the face, frankly, and she's quite tempted to if things go south.]

[But if she has to lie with him, she's going to do it on her terms. In this case, that means showing up at his door in the early hours of the morning, barging in without knocking, and standing there with her arms folded.]

I understand a challenge was set. Do you plan to meet it?
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[personal profile] ignisvulpes 2017-06-18 06:15 pm (UTC)(link)
[If all Kaph does for a few seconds is stare at her in disgruntlement, it's because he isn't quite awake yet, which should be made clear enough by the fact that he's still in bed when she barges in.]

... Jesus. [He sits up, throwing his blankets aside. Looks like he sleeps shirtless, even with the cold.] Give me a minute.

[He vigorously rubs his face before slipping his legs out from under the blankets as well - oh, looks like he sleeps in boxer shorts, actually - then he turns, gets up and runs a hand through his hair.]

... Looks like you're pretty eager after all, huh?

[The small grin on his face still looks sleepy, but if the attitude is coming in, that's a sure sign he's waking up.]
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[personal profile] shieldofrohan 2017-06-18 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[She looks at him scornfully, weight thrown on one hip, lip curled a little.]

Eager to have done with this foolishness. I have other duties to attend to.

[She's not moving towards him, though. Not just yet. Instead, she regards him carefully, waiting to see if he'll move first. This feels, already, like a fight. She may as well treat it as one, if she's not going to lose her advantage.]

[There's a lithe kind of tautness to how she's standing, despite the apparently casual stance. She's ready, even if she's not entirely sure what she's ready for yet.]
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[personal profile] ignisvulpes 2017-06-20 03:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[Maybe it's the fact that he just woke up, but he doesn't quite get why she's standing there like she's about to grab him in a chokehold or something. He crosses his arms.]

Hey, hey, you look a little tense. This your first time? I've got nooo problem with taking the lead, just so you know.

[Saying that, he takes an innocent step forward.]

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Yenh vs. Dave Strider

[personal profile] takenblack 2017-06-24 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
[Next round.]

[She isn't certain what to expect, other than the fact that her opponent is, apparently, a man. So this time she has taken one of the inn rooms, and has decided to skip the whole "waiting around clothed" part of the process. She lays on her side, naked beneath the blankets—partially for the allure and partially because, fire or no, it's still cold.]

[Which is not to say she hasn't put some strategy into it. She can risk a chilly butt in the name of offering a little bit of flesh at the outset.]

[Her tail twitches idly as she waits, head propped up on one hand.]
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Egon vs. Yenh

[personal profile] hauntpadour 2017-06-26 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[This is to be completely expected, and Egon knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he entered into the contest. At least one of his opponents was bound to be a woman, and the snow queen herself of course.]

[He wasn't at all repulsed by this, it just wasn't really his thing. He was still determined to give it his all- winning was the object here.]

[Egon has reserved them a hotel room and set up a time, having brought with him anything necessary- including a nice bottle of champagne- and let Yehn know where he would be.]

[This time the good doctor spengler has also thought to put a little more effort into his first impression. Mostly in that he's sprawled across the very warm, well made up bed with freshly poured glasses of champagne and a few of his buttons already undone.]

[It's an honest effort, showing as much interest as he can bare in the partner he's waiting for.]
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[personal profile] takenblack 2017-06-27 12:04 am (UTC)(link)
[Now that she's nearing the upper tiers of the competition, Yenh expects a good "fight." So as she knocks gently and enters, she sees that he has already taken the first steps to woo her. She nods and smiles in both approval and greeting as she slips in the door. Her long ears, and still-longer coat and tail, are all dusted with melting snow.]

[She is, privately, relieved that he is both handsome and of actual adult years. If she had to deal with another opponent barely out of their youth, she was going to feel like she had stolen the contest along (with the innocence of too-many young men).]

Egon Spengler, I presume?
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[personal profile] hauntpadour 2017-06-27 02:41 pm (UTC)(link)
[Egon's going to fill out a nice long wheel of new species he's slept with, isn't he? Or at the very least he'll have two, if he loses here.]

[He fears he may well do that. The man sat up, unable to keep his eyes off of the ears and tail but offering a glass and nodding.]

Yes. Yenh Quryoja?
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[personal profile] takenblack 2017-06-27 02:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Aye! Well met.

[ She accepts the glass, perching on the edge of the bed beside him. She takes a polite sip and then cradles it in her palm, shifting her posture and curling her tail around for a better view. The apparent novelty for all these hyurian men is an asset, she finds. A coy smile creeps along her scarred face. ]

You can touch them, if you'd like. Just be gentle.