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heiresy ([personal profile] heiresy) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomes2017-08-07 09:17 pm

It was bound to happen eventually.

Who: Aymeric and Yenh
What: They're gonna bang, probably.
When: Sometime after the Feast.
Where: The castle, then Yenh's shacking-up shack.
Warnings: Sex, most probably.

[It had all become rather routine now. Not in a bad way, really. But, in the past weeks he had purchased himself some clothing to blend in better. He had established his comings and goings. And for now, he decided that it was pertinent to keep his head down. Gathering the Mistress' ire was certainly foolish.

Once his shift was over, he hurried to the dorms to change, and then try to catch Yenh at the end of her day. He was dressed unusually- Not in general, simply in relation to the ceremonial garb or the thong that he's been breaking in for a couple weeks. This was a fairly simple tunic, cut in panels and tailored handsomely around his torso. He wore leggings in a cream color with a pair of soft leather boots. He looked almost like a regular citizen, aside from being a full head taller than most of the men puttering in the village.

Nearly fifty paces away he catches sight of her silhouette and tell-tale red hair.]


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