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OPEN; Enter: Sirius

Who: Sirius and anyone unfortunate enough to find him
What: New apprentice adjusts to surroundings, flirts with breaking curfew
Where: Around the Castle, the Village
Warnings: Language and sexual imagery at least

I- The Castle

[Someone is going to have regrets about signing that apprenticeship contract in very short order, and it isn't Sirius Black. He doesn't do regrets, and he absolutely will not feel bad at all for all of the rules he is absolutely bound to break.

First, he needs to get his bearings. The lay of the land. He doesn't have an enchanted map to fall back on so he will actually have to get a sense of his own directions. Gross. Still, the castle itself is a fun little playground, and he's enjoying exploring. He has a good laugh at all the dick-shaped decor, and the various bondage items hanging on the walls.

He does find himself a little disappointed as he climbs the grand staircase, though, even going so far as to lean on it dramatically.]

All the other magic in this place, and the stairs don't even move?

II- The Village

[It's getting later into the evening when Sirius finally decides he's seen enough of the Castle and needs to explore the village. Someone said something about curfew at some point blah blah blah who cares. He never respected curfew before he isn't about to start now. Nighttime is when he's at his best! That's when the fun starts!

The aura of dusk around the pseudo-medieval village sets a little fire in him, and Sirius vibrates a bit with excitable energy. This is a new adventure! He's going to conquer it! He prowls the cobblestones like a stray dog, looking in shop windows and flashing grins at passersby, delighted when they titter or flirt with him back, but he doesn't linger long. He needs something that will really hold his attention, and most of the average natives of this village are not enough.

He lingers by some of the sexier shops, rubbing his chin thoughtfully at the dildos and magic bondage gear, keeping a mental wishlist for himself for when his allowance adds up a little. Oh yes, he remembers the allowance he's going to be earning.

He finally settles down a bit at the pub, where he cheerfully gets himself something he's sure is alcoholic, and may also additionally have some other effect, but he's pretty sure the other patrons aren't turning pink or swelling up like balloons, so it's probably fine. He nurses the pint right by the door, so he can watch people go by and shout to them if he so chooses to.]

Hey, mate, where's a bloke go to get some excitement around here?

[Clearly random people fucking isn't excitement enough for him.]

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