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Dave Strider ([personal profile] shenunigans) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomes2017-06-12 06:09 pm

I used to know, but now that shit don't feel right

Who: John and Dave
What: Dave slowly becomes a popsicle, John must valiantly rescue him.
When: Early in the event, in the evening.
Where: Starting with Dave's shit shack.
Warnings: Swearing and possible ~intimacy~

Slowly but surely, Dave had begun to acclimate to his new environment. It's kind of like some new-age body-purge camp in which everyone collectively rejects technology and the modern world and replaces it with a simple life and copious amounts of physical intimacy. He's doing odd jobs, feeding himself, going outside and meeting new people and all sorts of fruity garbage. What's most surprising is that he doesn't hate it (entirely).

It kind of helps that he's sorted things out with John, things are less awkward and they're sort of adapting their friendship to the laws of the lands. Dave doesn't know what they are anymore, but he's not complaining.

Until now. For unrelated reasons. It's gone from being tepid and slightly chill at night to monstrously cold in a few days. Asking around is yielding him no useful information, all he can gather is that shit is fucked.

He idly considers summoning Egbert and borrow some body heat or something fiendishly gay like that, but instead he opts tough it out. He's lit a fire, he's got soup, he's got tea that doesn't remotely replace coffee in his heart and he's bundled himself like a worm into every blanket in the shack.

But he's still fucking cold.

His journal is in front of him, because it's the next best thing to the internet. It takes him a while to muster up his dignity and send a message to John.

here lies dave
found frozen on the floor with a hand on his quill and his dick
rest in peace

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