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Who: Estinien, Aymeric, and YOU!
When: Mid-afternoon, to early evening.
Where: Around the castle (mid-afternoon), then around the village/in a tavern(early evening)
What: They're the new guards, and they're gonna be doing their shift! But once they're off duty, they're gonna be walking around the village, and stopping at the tavern!
Warnings: Estinien is kind of a crass asshole, but that aside will update as needed.

I. On Patrol - Mid afternoon

[After some fruitless squabbling and complaining, Estinien had finally been convinced to wear his guard's uniform. Aymeric, similarly less than impressed with the lack of armor, and the overabundance of exposed skin, had too acquiesced to the ridiculous garb. It's plain that the outfit was made for someone their size, perhaps even tailored for them, but the job itself could have gotten a little bit more love in execution. Due to the speedy process in which they were made, it doesn't quite fit the towering men like it probably should, making their... assets all the more obvious. That is, if the scars that seem to cover their torsos weren't distracting enough; Estinien being the more scarred of the two. Obvious remnants of battles long since past, some looking like the work of the claws of a beast, some more along the lines of light burns, regardless of their cause, it's pretty clear these two have seen their fair share of battles.

To Estinien's stoic joy, he was able to keep his dragoon helmet. Sure, they were offered helmets to cover their faces with if they so wished, but Estinien greatly preferred the one he's most familiar with, even if it makes him stand out like a sore thumb. Granted, there's worse things with his attire that makes him stand out, than his helmet. The booty shorts certainly aren't one of them, heaven's no! With how the leather seems to ride up in the back, showing more ass than not? Or how in the front it barely contains him? Aymeric sporting the same issues, naturally. It's really quite a treat to see, but less of a treat for the two soldiers.

Regardless, the two will be patrolling the castle, and keeping an eye out for anyone who might be doing anything suspicious. If you so happen to be a suspect of such, consider yourself being tailed by two very fit men who stand at 6'6—you know, nothing too intimidating or anything!

If you're feeling like heckling them while they're on duty, that's totally permissible as well, however it's more than likely Aymeric will be the one more apt to talk than his anti-social friend.]

II. Around The Village - Early evening

[Now that they have been freed of their humiliating uniform, Estinien back in his drachen mail, while Aymeric has returned to his Lord Commander uniform, though without the cumbersome pauldrons.

Surely they're not doing too good of a job not sticking out, clothes aside, they are at least a head taller than most people, and have long pointy ears. They can be seen around the village, looking around and chattering to themselves—or, more accurately, Aymeric is chattering, and Estinien is offering short replies, and maybe an acknowledging grunt here and there. They seem content to keep to themselves at the moment, but that doesn't mean someone can't come up and introduce themselves, or be a little bit more forward than that... either or.]

III. Tavern time!

[Eventually they'll find themselves in a tavern, ordering themselves some drinks while keeping an eye on those around them. It's pretty clear they're not quite used to the uh... free spirits this place seems to have, and Estinien in particular seems less than interested in engaging those whom seem fit to proposition him. Offering most who dare to cross his vision with a disgusted scowl.

Maybe you're drunk and happened to accidentally knock into one of their chairs, or maybe you wanna strike up a conversation with them, proposition them—whatever it may be, they seem fit to stay put in those chairs, and let the ale continue to flow. It's been a rough day, and if there's one thing both of these men can take solace in, it's ale. It's the small comforts, truly, and it seems that perhaps the alcohol is finally working its magic on them.]

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