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Who: Estinien, Aymeric, and YOU!
When: Mid-afternoon, to early evening.
Where: Around the castle (mid-afternoon), then around the village/in a tavern(early evening)
What: They're the new guards, and they're gonna be doing their shift! But once they're off duty, they're gonna be walking around the village, and stopping at the tavern!
Warnings: Estinien is kind of a crass asshole, but that aside will update as needed.

I. On Patrol - Mid afternoon

[After some fruitless squabbling and complaining, Estinien had finally been convinced to wear his guard's uniform. Aymeric, similarly less than impressed with the lack of armor, and the overabundance of exposed skin, had too acquiesced to the ridiculous garb. It's plain that the outfit was made for someone their size, perhaps even tailored for them, but the job itself could have gotten a little bit more love in execution. Due to the speedy process in which they were made, it doesn't quite fit the towering men like it probably should, making their... assets all the more obvious. That is, if the scars that seem to cover their torsos weren't distracting enough; Estinien being the more scarred of the two. Obvious remnants of battles long since past, some looking like the work of the claws of a beast, some more along the lines of light burns, regardless of their cause, it's pretty clear these two have seen their fair share of battles.

To Estinien's stoic joy, he was able to keep his dragoon helmet. Sure, they were offered helmets to cover their faces with if they so wished, but Estinien greatly preferred the one he's most familiar with, even if it makes him stand out like a sore thumb. Granted, there's worse things with his attire that makes him stand out, than his helmet. The booty shorts certainly aren't one of them, heaven's no! With how the leather seems to ride up in the back, showing more ass than not? Or how in the front it barely contains him? Aymeric sporting the same issues, naturally. It's really quite a treat to see, but less of a treat for the two soldiers.

Regardless, the two will be patrolling the castle, and keeping an eye out for anyone who might be doing anything suspicious. If you so happen to be a suspect of such, consider yourself being tailed by two very fit men who stand at 6'6—you know, nothing too intimidating or anything!

If you're feeling like heckling them while they're on duty, that's totally permissible as well, however it's more than likely Aymeric will be the one more apt to talk than his anti-social friend.]

II. Around The Village - Early evening

[Now that they have been freed of their humiliating uniform, Estinien back in his drachen mail, while Aymeric has returned to his Lord Commander uniform, though without the cumbersome pauldrons.

Surely they're not doing too good of a job not sticking out, clothes aside, they are at least a head taller than most people, and have long pointy ears. They can be seen around the village, looking around and chattering to themselves—or, more accurately, Aymeric is chattering, and Estinien is offering short replies, and maybe an acknowledging grunt here and there. They seem content to keep to themselves at the moment, but that doesn't mean someone can't come up and introduce themselves, or be a little bit more forward than that... either or.]

III. Tavern time!

[Eventually they'll find themselves in a tavern, ordering themselves some drinks while keeping an eye on those around them. It's pretty clear they're not quite used to the uh... free spirits this place seems to have, and Estinien in particular seems less than interested in engaging those whom seem fit to proposition him. Offering most who dare to cross his vision with a disgusted scowl.

Maybe you're drunk and happened to accidentally knock into one of their chairs, or maybe you wanna strike up a conversation with them, proposition them—whatever it may be, they seem fit to stay put in those chairs, and let the ale continue to flow. It's been a rough day, and if there's one thing both of these men can take solace in, it's ale. It's the small comforts, truly, and it seems that perhaps the alcohol is finally working its magic on them.]
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[It has been a terribly, terribly long day. Aymeric stares at the empty bottom of his fourth ale. He's starting to feel fuzzy around the edges finally, mercifully. He lifts his head and gives Estinien a kind smile]

Well, we survived the day. I don't think either of us have done guard duty in more than ten years. [He laughs mirthlessly, pressing his face into his hand.]
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[He grimaces with the mention of their uniforms.]

Fury forgive me, what I wouldn't do to be able to wear it again... It's hardly a wonder that the Mistress can hire as many guards as she wishes. The costs for our uniforms must be near-nothing in labour and materials. We hardly received any training either.

[he pinches his eyes shut, finishing the last bit of his ale.]

Another, my friend? I wish to forget the feel of the leather on my skin before I must put it on again tomorrow.
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I will speak with her, soon as I'm able. Perhaps if I garner her trust and display my worth she will reconsider.

[He stands with only a slight lurch as he walks over to the barkeep, acquiring a couple more pints of ale for the two of them. He returns, sits, and stares off with a look of disgust on his face as he slides Estinien's next ale to him.]

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[He reaffixes his gaze on Estinien and takes a long drink.]

It's the matter of appeasement that worries me. Haven't you noticed that all the other guards are attractive? Betwixt that and the mockery of a uniform we must don, I believe we are little more than a harem. And there may very well come a day when we are expected to carry out the duties we are truly dressed for.
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[He groans into his palms]

I would rather bed a dragon.

[His shoulders droop]

But if it meant we could go back home, I think I would do it.
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[he drops his hands and cracks a smile. He laughs, genuinely]

If it works, you had better shake the all bards from their drunken slumber and recount the tale. I expect to be immortalized in song for my act of selfless heroism.

[he laughs again, stilling himself long enough to take another drink]

Say, Estinien... When is the last time you laid with someone?
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Such is life in the upper ranks, isn't it?

[he sips his ale, trying to recollect his last time. He drops his head against his hand.]

I've been so busy, I can't seem to recall the last time I have, either. Its been more than a year, at any rate. I could use a tumble. [He peers at his reflection in his glass. He was starting to edge into drunkenness with no plans of slowing down.]
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[He sighs, scanning the crowd.]

Not another Elezen in sight save for you, of course. [he sips his ale, resigning himself]

Tis for the best, I suppose.
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[Aymeric bites his lip, looks into his glass a bit too long before he takes a drink.]

I'll survive, of course. I may suffer a bit, but that's no different than usual.

[He takes another drink, washing away the image of Estinien in his high cut shorts]
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Busy with what? Our quarters offer little space to engage in a hobby, and the village is naught but- but this.

[Aymeric follows Estinien's gaze, unable to take his eyes off for a moment in astonishment.]

I'm not sure I'll ever grow used to this. I've never seen such acts-

[He tears his eyes away, feeling a mixture of disgust and... a hint of arousal, to his own shame. He tells himself that it's just been too long. He can't be blamed.]

Perhaps once or twice in the barracks, but it was under the cover of night. I couldn't see anything so much as hear it.
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You're right! We should explore with our next chance. We could play at adventuring.

[He seems almost contented with the idea.

As pair of underwear is flung towards them, landing softly on Aymeric's shoulder.]
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[Normally, Ren prefers his alcohol much stronger than this, and in much smaller quantities. But he's not picky - even crap booze is still booze, and still bound to get him comfortably tipsy.

[Eventually. Right now, he's still completely sober. And while that's not a problem, he has a slight fondness for having his mind in more elevated states.

[He hasn't been in the tavern long, but it takes him a bit to notice the pair of people who are dressed like they walked out of a fantasy novel. The armor is a bit intimidating, but, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Maybe he could... take both to bed with him? From what he can see of the one in less-concealing armor, he's very, very nice to look at.

[Bracing himself, he dares to approach, putting on a smile that's much more confident than he actually feels. He knows he looks downright small compared to these two, from build to height.]

Yo! Haven't seen you around before. Mind if I join you two?

[Despite the energy in his words, his tone is much more mellow. And with a mug of ale in one hand, it keeps him from acting on the urge to lean on the table in some show of suave-ness that would likely not work at all.]
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[Aymeric automatically straightens his posture as this stranger starts talking to them. He seems... young, to say the least. Short and soft-looking to him. This hardly seemed appropriate, but it was less his business.

He was tired, but he figured he could use a little company more talkative than his friend. He looked him over a moment more before deciding. ]

Come, sit, then. [His voice is warm, though weary, his manner very elegant and cultured. He pulls out a seat next to himself to spare Estinien and the stranger from one another. ] We've only just arrived in this place. You may call me Ser Aymeric. This is my friend, Ser Estinien.
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[Ren immediately catches on that maybe these two are seriously awesome beyond compare, and does his best to, maybe... maybe, not be completely blase over his approach. If the look that Estinien is giving him is any indication, he would do well to be careful for now.]

Your welcome is appreciated, Ser Aymeric. Ser Estinien.

[Taking the offered seat, he does his best to assume a more relaxed posture instead of sitting too stiffly. However, he does continue to sit up straight, at least. He doesn't feel relaxed enough to slouch, anyway.]

I'm Ren. Ren Nagai. I've been here for about two weeks, myself, but there's still so much to absorb about this world. It's fascinating and exciting! Anyway...

[Setting his ale down on the table, he lightly clasps his hands together, looking over at Aymeric with a pleasant smile.]

Pleased to meet you!
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Well met, Ren. Pray tell us, has anything of import happened these last couple weeks? We haven't been able to pry a proper answer from anyone concerning try circumstance of out arrival.

[ He glances at his empty cup before continuing.]

I won't deny that this place is... Interesting. Yet what fascinates you so?

[Aside from the scantily clad people, most things seemed pretty run-of-the-mill. Perhaps it was too soon to tell though?]
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Ah, there was the instance with the "friendly" cult's worm creature, though I have not really heard word about the result yet.

[Ren makes a displeased face.]

I should have known no cult is as friendly as they seem. The creature that they allowed to roam the festival has taken some lives as a result of.. whatever it does. The effect it has on the mind is pleasant in excess, to the point of frightening.

[Still making an unhappy expression, he chugs some more of his ale.]

If I hear anything more on that, I'll spread the word.

As for what's fascinating, on the other hand... The fact of open sexuality is very pleasant, for me. I never thought I'd run into anyone else like me. And knowing that this place is chock full of folks like that?

Also, a lot of people are very welcoming of me. It's not something I always get to experience. Feels good, you know? To be accepted.

[His expression softens into a bit of a smile, which he also offers to Estinien when he thinks he's honestly paying attention.]
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A cult's worm creature... [He turns to Estinien, lowering his voice] Do you think this is a Primal's doing?

[And his head snaps back to Ren at the mention of "open sexuality"]

Would you explain what you mean by open sexuality? [he had a sinking feeling that this had something to do with all the shameless public sex. He may as well understand the culture of it so that he may navigate it, at least.]

It is rather nice to be accepted by ones peers.

[He almost feels bad about saying something so uselessly neutral, but this was about information gathering right now. His eyes scan over Ren's form. He's used to not being accepted, and its something about his sexuality? His eyes narrow, not unkindly, as he searches Ren's face for hints.]
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[Ren is about to reply to Aymeric, when Estinien takes the wind right out of him. He scowls, annoyed, very nearly vibrating with anger before he takes a moment to breathe. Instead, he replies with some sarcasm,] Wow, do you get off on insulting people you've just met? I'm not into degradation, by the way. Shall I call my safe word, or are you going to stop being rude when I've done nothing wrong to you?

[Leaning back a bit, he tilts his head slightly, clears his throat, and regards Aymeric again. He's noticed how Aymeric looks him over.]

In any case, that more or less is what I mean. Someone like me has been openly shamed thanks to how others perceive me, so it's good not to run into nearly so negative people.

But, as for you... forgive my forwardness if it's not wanted, but, do you like what you see?

[Pointedly, he leans back a bit in his chair, giving him a more full view. For a man of twenty, his shoulders are a little narrow, and his hips are on the wider side, though it's not the easiest to pinpoint exactly how his figure is through his loose clothing. In fact, the only part of his clothes that clings the most is his pants, around his hips.]
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[ ....aaaaand Aymeric is caught in the most awkward position he's been in a very, very long time. He sits back, processing this situation through his slight ale haze. Seems Estinien was right on the money.]

Now, now, Estinien. We should be... a bit nicer.

[But that's all he can even say, because what Estinien says is completely right. Aymeric tears his eyes from the younger man, closing them for a moment before reaffixing eye contact. He places a hand over his mouth as he considers his words.]

You're a bit young for this line of work, aren't you?
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Huh? I don't take money for sex. I have sex with people I like or think I like for the pleasure of it. That intimacy is its own reward. In fact, the moment I ran from home, I've been amassing as much knowledge as possible - including all that can be done in the bedroom. I mean no insult.

[He tilts his head at Estinien, raising an eyebrow, and then looks back to Aymeric.]

But if I have offended you by making my interest known, I apologize, Ser Aymeric.

[His gaze softens.]

However, if you are interested, I would be more than happy to show you what I can do. Either of you.

[He then takes a sip of ale, his gaze flicking between the two of them.]

By the by, I've only been having sex for a year now and change. I'm twenty.
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Twenty! You look much younger than that to me. [He leans back and crosses his arms, laughing. He leans into Estinien and whispers:] I had assumed that he had to bribe the barkeep.

[His gaze softens and he pats the boy's shoulder.]

Asking a man if he likes what he sees works better when there is more skin showing- Not that you should undress yourself. You are young, so I can hardly fault your execution... but part of the excitement is the chase. Try to charm us, at least.

[he gives him a kind grin]
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[Ren can hear the sarcasm as it drips off of every syllable. He realizes that, for what little he knows, he's dumped himself in a situation that's particularly over his head. He can at least gather that he underestimated the two men's ages, and his cheeks burn in mortification over being talked to like he's a child. He makes a rather unsettled face. His pride - and feelings - are a bit jabbed-at as a result. The shoulder pat helps. A little. But not much. He's not sure if a pat to his head would have been more or less helpful than that.

[He takes a few seconds to visibly compose himself.]

I do not appreciate being mocked, Ser Estinien.

[He takes another soft breath, to further calm himself, and rubs his face with his hands.]

In hindsight, I suppose asking if you liked what you saw when I'm wearing this was... not well thought-out.

[Still, he contemplates taking his shirt off. It's not like anything untoward would show as a result. He's used to getting his way, too, so this doesn't help.

[Looking up, he notices that both Estinien's and Aymeric's mugs are empty. How long ago had that happened?]

Ah, would the both of you want more ale? I don't mind bringing back more.

[He deliberately includes Estinien, but only to be polite and not give the dragoon the victory of having gotten on his last nerve.]
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[Aymeric squints and side-eyes Estinien, speaking under his breath:] He's certainly laid with someone more recently than I have.

[He has to feel a little bad for the second degree he's getting from Estinien. He's not sure if he should accept more drink from this boy. They had done little else but insult him. He clears his throat]

There's more to appeal than clothing alone.

[he claps him hard on the back and chuckles, his movements already losing their grace with the alcohol.]

That won't be necessary, Ren. We'll empty our own coffers for our drink. Lest Estinien feels comfortable with the offer? [he bites his lip, smiling] It... is customary to repay a drink, Estinien.
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[The transition into the Guard uniform has been rough on everyone. It's not the most flattering outfit. At least, not generally for men. Simon doesn't think it suits him at all, but he only truly feels jeans and hoodies suit him anyway.

Even so, after being out and about in it for so long, he's just used to it. Almost comfortable, but occasionally painfully aware of what he's wearing. Especially when he also gets heckled and especially when he sees people who look slightly better in the uniform.

Simon comes across the duo while he's just finishing his patrol. Whenever he doesn't have to flash his uniform, he likes to throw a cloak on over his shoulders and blend in a little more. He's surprised to see new, off-world guards, given that it's just been John and himself for so long. He only knows they're off-worlders because, until recently, The Mistress had a very particular look in mind when hiring people.

He feels like he should introduce himself, but as usual, he feels extremely uncomfortable. Instead? He's going to follow them for a little bit, as inconspicuously as he can, waiting for a chance to step in]
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[He first notices Estinien's dwindling conversation. He remains alert rather than call attention to it. He whispers a reply.]

But of course.

[He tucks a lock of hair behind his ear.]

Shall we lead him into a dead end?
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[Simon does notice the way they lower their voices, and although he can't at all hear what they're saying, he becomes acutely aware of the fact that he is following two strangers through the halls.

He doesn't pause, of course, because he's awkward and too shy to actually clear his throat or draw attention to himself. He just wants to wait for one of them to turn or acknowledge him in some manner and give him an easy in.

Why is he like this?]
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IV the one where I make up my own prompt WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT

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[ It's kind of nice to have other off-worlders joining the guard; at least, John feels a little less alone in feeling out of place. He knows Dave is never too far away, but with Dave's schedule and his own weird guard schedule, he goes days between without his bee-eff-eff.

He's noticed the two new guys; he'd like to think they stick out like a sore thumb, but if they do, it's not because they're fantasy elf guys, but rather because they, like him, seem interested in something like modesty. He also can't believe he's already thinking of other people as the new guys. It's only been a few weeks, after all...

He sees them in the dorms at various times, and if he's awake, he's usually sitting cross legged on his bed, idly pawing through a book that he can only feign interest in. What did people even really do before the internet existed, anyway? So far, he hasn't been able to figure it out. It also means that he's eager for any conversation he can rustle up. ]

So... are you an elf?

[ Smooth. ]
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[ John kind of expected the answer to be some variant on yes, cagey or otherwise. So he's kind of taken aback to be asked what an elf is, and he doesn't really know how to explain it, at first. ]

Well, I guess they're like humans, only they live a long time, they have pointy ears, and they're usually really beautiful I think.
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Oh. Uh. Sorry? I guess I wasn't too far off, though.

[ They both start with 'el', anyway. And come to think of it... ]

We just call ourselves humans, I guess, which doesn't sound that different either, does it?