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Who: Ardyn Izunia and You!
When: Afternoon, to early evening
Where: Around the castle, The Village and The Marketplace
What: Ardyn is adapting to his new role as Apprentice, learning new spells gradually, but will venture outside of the castle to explore once he gets some free time.
Warnings: Will update as needed!

I- The Castle:

[After copious amounts of cleaning "door knobs" or knobs that were the shape of a cock, Ardyn wiped his brow and pushed some wine-coloured hair from his face. Since when he had needed to polish anyone's door knob? Since being brought into Kingdom, that's when. It seemed he had no choice but to follow orders and do what the Mistress commanded. Menial work or not, he had completed quite a bit of work today and he was proud with himself.]

You're nice and shiny now, aren't you?

[He gave the knob in front of him an extra polish and smirked. It really did look like a cock. Now, he wanted a glass of wine, which will be back at his room. He managed to find some in the Great Hall a while back and had managed to store some in his private room until the occasion called for it. That occasion would be now. If anyone is wandering about the castle corridors, they may bump into Ardyn on the way back from his cleaning.]

II- The Village:

[The village was rather a quaint little place from what Ardyn had seen of it so far. Cobbled streets and inns and shops. A nice little hamlet, probably oozing with illicit activities behind the walls. What more could a man want? Right now, this man wanted to explore. Perhaps a drink at the inn? Who knew what sort of people he would meet there? He approached the nearest inn and entered.]

Ah, how quaint. Or, rather, rustic. What does a man have to do around here to get a drink?

[Perhaps, he should have worded his sentence differently, as he may get what he wished for. Or not. Perhaps a sordid offer in response to his question, as he walked up to the bar and looked around.]

III-The Marketplace:

[Today was market day and Ardyn had seemed to time it right, as he passed many stalls selling some interesting merchandise. A nice sword perhaps? The weapons stall did appeal to him then he came to the baked bread stand. Cakes and all sorts of tasty wholemeal snacks to be purchased. Then, he came to another stall different altogether.]

Oh? What do we have here?

[Sex toys. Who would have thought it? Perhaps, he could buy himself a dildo for half the price? The thought made him chuckle softly to himself. Any passers by might notice him eyeing up many different coloured dildos and bottles of lube.]

I wonder if they have cherry flavour.
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[Aymeric looks up from his own drink and gives the newcomer a funny look.]

The bartender accepts currency last I checked.

[But this isn't said unkindly. He gives the odd man a calm smile.]

Failing that, there are deviants who would gladly barter.
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[Aymeric stands to greet him with a fancy little bow. He is really quite tall at 6'5.]

Aymeric de Borel, Guard. Full glad am I to meet another fellow with his dignity intact.

[He gives him a once over, then smiles.]

Come, sit with me. I'll buy your drink for a bit of conversation. What will you have?
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It is an honor to meet you then, Chancellor. Though your title may mean naught here, I will respect it.

[He gets the barkeeps attention and procures the goblet of wine. He hands it over delicately]

Likewise, this place has thrown me down the rungs of the ladder I spent so long climbing. I was the Lord Commander of the Temple Knights as well as the Lord Chancellor of the House of Lords.

[That's a lot of lords]

A toast, then. To curious happenstance.
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[He sips his own wine and lets out a soft sigh.]

Though I feared I was outside Halone's reach, our meeting gives me hope.

[He gives him a warm grin and settles onto a bar stool.]

Tell me a bit about yourself, Chancellor.
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[He covers an ear with his hand momentarily.]

Nay, I am an Elezen. [He was still getting used to being an oddity here. What's with all these people that only ever saw another single race?]

I had thought you to be a Hyur, but I assume you would call yourself a Human?
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Aymeric nearly knocks over his glass of wine as he stands up]

A daemon.

[His hand hovers over his sword as he steps back. If he isn't lying, attacking him would be useless. He swallows hard, trying to sort out what to do while also being quite drunk. Maybe a tactical retreat would be in order. Where was Estinien when he needed him?]
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[His brow furrows, he stands his guard.]

Forgive me if I am not so readily placated at such an insistence. [Yet... He is making a noticeable stir. He shouldn't start a ruckus here. Not if he doesn't want to commit to a fight. He eyes the other man and sits hesitantly. It would be irresponsible for him to not understand the potential danger here.]

How- Or why do you command daemons? I am woefully familiar with those that would taint themselves to acquire power and influence.
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A noble sacrifice, then? Why should I believe anything you say?

[his brow furrows]

And more importantly, why wouldn't you lead with that part. Had I done the same, had I been capable of absorbing the evil in the world, I wouldn't so blatantly advertise such a thing.

[His thoughts go to his friend, a man whose blood had become likely more dragon than not to serve their city.]

You must know how much alarum that would cause.