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REMUS LUPIN ([personal profile] moonshined) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomes2017-05-09 07:51 pm


Who: Ember and Remus
What: Remus loses his V-card
Where: His room in the castle
When: Just after the magic books are given out
Warnings: Sex sex sexy sex and probably language

[Okay. So a girl is going to come to his room and have sex with him. Remus is absolutely not panicking.

Except he might be panicking a little. What if this girl, whoever she is, decides he isn't attractive enough? He's thin and tired-looking and his hair is a floppy mess and none of that is to say anything about the scars he's got all over the place.

He's trying not to get psyched out about it, though. Really, logically, it's going to be fine. He's not a complete idiot, he knows how sex works. Merlin knows it'd be hard not to with a best friend like Sirius Black. Not for the first time, he wishes Pads was here. He'd know exactly what to say to get Remus's confidence up.]

You can do this. It's just a girl. Just...a girl.

[Now he's muttering.]

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