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Who: Ember and Remus
What: Remus loses his V-card
Where: His room in the castle
When: Just after the magic books are given out
Warnings: Sex sex sexy sex and probably language

[Okay. So a girl is going to come to his room and have sex with him. Remus is absolutely not panicking.

Except he might be panicking a little. What if this girl, whoever she is, decides he isn't attractive enough? He's thin and tired-looking and his hair is a floppy mess and none of that is to say anything about the scars he's got all over the place.

He's trying not to get psyched out about it, though. Really, logically, it's going to be fine. He's not a complete idiot, he knows how sex works. Merlin knows it'd be hard not to with a best friend like Sirius Black. Not for the first time, he wishes Pads was here. He'd know exactly what to say to get Remus's confidence up.]

You can do this. It's just a girl. Just...a girl.

[Now he's muttering.]
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i can't believe this is going to be the first smut in this fucking game

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[Remus should seriously consider getting a lock on his door. Though, then again, it's not like that would even stop Ember.

It doesn't take too long for her to get here, and she practically kicks the door down with how quick she gets inside. It slams against the wall as she opens it, and she's pretty much immediately invested in the place. She smirks upon realizing that she recognizes Remus - and recognition reaches across her face.]

Oh man, I know you! 'Sup, bud?

[She's very content to make herself at home straight off the bat, finding the nearest chair and whistling, her skull-design boots get put up onto a surface. Ember looks around, half in awe, half for theatrics.]

Nice digs you got here! Better than the little shack they got me hanging out in, anyway.
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in the end, is this truly winning

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I mean, it looks like you've got a functional bed. That's more than I can say.

[She leans back on the chair, putting her hands behind her head, stretching out just a little bit.]

They've got me sleeping on straw crap or something.
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Planning on it.

[Shes been through the wringer enough times to know when a guy is checking her out - and when a guy is really terrible at it. She's sure she could just yell "HEY LETS FUCK" right now and it'd be enough. She doesn't really have any anticipation for this outside "hey im gonna get dick again" but its almost kind of fun to watch Remus stumble all over himself. She doesn't even properly know/remember his name, but it's kind of funny to watch him stumble over himself.]

So, what, have you even kissed a girl before?
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[He looks at her hand, and a look of devious intent crosses her face. She takes it, and rises.]

Well, gee. [its spilled out a bit sarcastically, almost mockingly] Glad that I'm to your liking, babypop.
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Hey, relax.

[It occurs to Ember that she's dealing with somebody who's never done this before, and he's not out here asking to fuck her tits or anything. Maybe she should give him a little leeway.]

I'm just messing with you.
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[She has the urge to just immediately fire back at him with another retort - "You always get this tense around chicks, dipstick?" Something along those lines. But the kid's already shaking enough, and Ember manages to resist the second nature insults for now, at least long enough to allow his hands to settle around her. Instead, she offers an observation.]

Wow. You're really nervous.

[Before he has an opportunity to respond, Ember leans forward, aggressively, and presses her lips against his. The heat radiating from her hair should become immediately obviously to Remus, but she offers no commentary on that oddity. She becomes immediately focused on showing him what this is like, closing her eyes and leaning into it further.]
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[Very warm at that, and she smells just a little bit like ash. It's not to the point in which it become overbearing, but it's 100% noticeable. Truth be told, Ember is pleasantly surprised that he's not incompetent in this regard, and it helps her get into a little more.

She's a bit aggressive in the way she kisses him, biting on his bottom lip just a little. It's not unpleasant, but it's almost a little much. She sort of gets the impression that she has to lead the charge here, and even if that's wrong, she's still a bit showoffish in how she does these things. She lets out a low giggle, almost sinister, when she catches her breath.]

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That was better then I expected.

[Ember chuckles, lightly, stepping back and starting to roll off her top.]

Just gotta get out of this.
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[Her top comes off easily enough, and it's pretty obvious that she didn't even bother to wear a bra underneath it. Not like she had anywhere else to be at the moment, right? Besides, people here seemed loose enough about that sorta thing. She appreciated that.

But Ember's attention turns back to her partner, and she stops.

She wants to make him comfortable.

She closes that gap once more, her still-gloved hands tracing some of his scars. Her breathing slows, and there's a bit of intimacy in her actions, even if that's not what she wants. Her lips meet one of the scars at his heart, and she kisses it lightly. Enough to leave a purple lipstick mark. Her lips move upwards, kissing at his chest, gradually rising upwards until her arms are clinging to his shoulders, and her mouth is at his ear and...

Well. Ember's one for foreplay. But she recognizes an opportunity for a good whisper when she sees it.]

I really want to ride you.
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[The grip on his shoulders eases. Her arms slowly but surely slip off of him, and so does she. Back at eye-level, her lips gather themselves into a smirk, and she lets out a noise that could almost be called a chuckle. Ember is usually all about foreplay, but something about this gets to her. She can't put her finger on it right now, but it's why her next words almost come out as an order.]

You should probably get back on the bed, dipstick.
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[With Remus getting back on the bed, Ember finds herself with a fair bit more room. In full view of him, she begins to get rid of the rest of her clothes.

She doesn't try to make a show or anything out of it, even if it might come off that way. But, her pants come down, and she contemplates leaving the boots on. That's a whole lot of jiffying around, though, and she doesn't want to look like she doesn't know what she's doing in front of the kid. So, she kicks them off and her pants and underwear fall to the ground. It leaves her in a state of undress, with only a pair of black wrist-length gloves and socks to cover her up. It'll do.

But, he's on the bed, and Ember will follow suit. She climbs up over him, on top of him, making herself eyelevel with him once again. The warmth from her closeness returns, and she offers him a knowing grin, before moving herself down towards his pants. Ember starts getting rid of them, hoping to free his length.]