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The Doctor is In

who: Egon and anyone who feels like talking medicine or the supernatural
What: Trying to earn some cash, providing a little bit of modern-ish medical care and researching the supernatural things that happen here.
Where:His hut in the village. There's a sign.
When: Any time
Warnings: None

[Everything here is terribly rudimentary, and it is absolutely awful to work with. He's not even entertaining the idea of magic, until he can figure out the science behind them. But doctor Egon Spengler is nothing if not inventive, so he's got some basic materials. He can measure height, weight, and temperature (roughly) and he assumes that's more than most doctors here can do. He also knows very basic herbal remedies, so come one come all, to a man with an actual doctorate.]
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"I take it you are the doctor within the village, or one of them anyway? Not a quack I hope."

Ardyn walked into the hut, glancing at Egon, wondering if this man really was a true physician. A medieval one at that. What did he know about being a witch doctor? Since most spoke about those around here.
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"Perhaps, there is. Are you any good with burns and wounds involving ice?" Ardyn pulled up his trousers to show off his lower legs covered in small red marks.

"I seem to have mis-fired a spell and shot myself in the foot so to speak. The Mistress stripped me of all my skill and spells from home and now I find myself having to adapt all over again." He frowned. The reason perhaps was he got drunk on wine and shot himself in the foot while using new spells he had learned in this place.