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REMUS LUPIN ([personal profile] moonshined) wrote in [community profile] kingdomcomes2017-06-12 11:18 am

[closed] this isn't quite what it seems

Who: Remus and Sirius
What: Sirius makes a mistake. Remus has to deal with it.
Where: A brothel in the village
When: The first week of June
Warnings: Language, sex, etc.

It's not like being dragged into some tomfoolery by Sirius Black is a new thing for Remus. It's been happening regularly since he was eleven and made friends with James and Sirius and Peter. James and Sirius were the instigators, Peter was the tagalong, Remus was the voice of reason and caution. After a while, you just learn not to fight it. Still, a place like this makes him more wary than usual, and he tugs his cloak a little closer around his shoulders as he lets Sirius lead him toward their destination, which he'd promised was fun and exciting.

"It's bloody freezing out here, mate. What is this place, anyway?"

He's really hoping it's nothing too...out there. He's been taking baby steps, but Remus isn't quite ready for 'out there' quite yet.

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