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[closed] this isn't quite what it seems

Who: Remus and Sirius
What: Sirius makes a mistake. Remus has to deal with it.
Where: A brothel in the village
When: The first week of June
Warnings: Language, sex, etc.

It's not like being dragged into some tomfoolery by Sirius Black is a new thing for Remus. It's been happening regularly since he was eleven and made friends with James and Sirius and Peter. James and Sirius were the instigators, Peter was the tagalong, Remus was the voice of reason and caution. After a while, you just learn not to fight it. Still, a place like this makes him more wary than usual, and he tugs his cloak a little closer around his shoulders as he lets Sirius lead him toward their destination, which he'd promised was fun and exciting.

"It's bloody freezing out here, mate. What is this place, anyway?"

He's really hoping it's nothing too...out there. He's been taking baby steps, but Remus isn't quite ready for 'out there' quite yet.
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Dragging Remus into his tomfoolery is Siris' favorite passtime. James is his enabler, Peter is his yes-man, and Remus is the loving victim. It's just how it Works, and that pattern is not going to change in this place.

He gives Remus a playful nudge. "It's the best bar in town! Good drinks- and the best servers! It isn't like anyone here cards or anything, but..." He grins.
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He chuckles a little to himself as Remus wobbles, reaching back out to right the skinny boy with an arm around his shoulders. Sirius follows his gaze and gives the lady a jaunty salute and a wink.

He's probably become too desensitized to the sexuality of this place too quickly.

"Oh it's definitely a bar, mate."
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"That's the ticket!" He starts to lead-drag Remus in. "All the ladies in this whole ruddy place are always half-dressed."

Is he really this stupid? Might be.
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If Remus were panicking less, he may notice that those few boys get just a little more lingering of a glance as Sirius takes in the room.

This place is really getting to him.

He feels drunk just being in here, though, and he loves that, crooked smile showing off one of his canines as he runs fingers through his hair.

"There's no cover fee, mate, you just walk right in."
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He did, thanks. He tries very hard to be disorienting and dizzying. Even to... Remus? Yes. Maybe? Bloody hell.

Sirius frowns suddenly. He can't stop focusing on the wrong things, here. "You like that ginger one?"

You might need to slap him.
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What? He isn't jealous, what the fuck are you talking about?

Also, he very definitely knows what's going on yep. For sure.

"I mean, I suppose, maybe? I don't know! I didn't try!" He was happy just to flirt with all of them all night last time okay?!

Maybe he fell asleep after getting head and woke up without his purse but its fine.
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Sirius' ears burn. He isn't even sure what he's the most embarrassed about, but he decides firmly that it has to be the fact that he's an unobservant knob. Yep, that one.

He tries to cover it up by clearing his throat and laughing somewhat hysterically. "Well, of course, Moony, hell. It's also a tavern, though, obviously."

Kill him now.
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"Obviously." He's going to die in a heap of rubbish. He is rubbish. Fucking hell.

Shake it off, Padfoot, it's fine. You're just hanging with a mate at a tavern-brothel. What could go wrong?

"I told you the beer is good. C'mon let's have a pint."
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Rest in pieces, boys.

Maybe he'll feel better less sober.

He uses that arm around Remus' shoulder to drag him to a table, where he sits next to him, and puts on a convincingly confident grin to tell the lady who offers them drinks to bring them each a house brew.

"Yes, yes. The world will feel better after a pint."
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If it isn't a lager, it's tea. Sometimes Sirius feels like he could use both. Right now is definitely a pint moment, though. He leans back a little in his seat and tries to look casual.

It's... pretty adorable how Remus is clinging to his side.

"Aaahhh....." We he has accidentally managed to get himself a night or two, without realizing he was paying. Should he just put salt in the wound? Sure, why not. Whatever. He doesn't need dignity.

He makes a nod toward a girl who has been giving them glances ever since they walked in. She seems to embody the descriptor of "firecracker".
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Stuck at the hip, then. Either way you phrase it, he's glad for the proximity. Or is crawling out of his skin because of it. He actually can't decide which.

"Right? I've got good taste. You know me."

Very, very long chug please and thank you. How does he phrase this. What does he say. He has to say something.

"You ever thought about sharing? You know, girl in the middle?" Nailed it.
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It's okay, take your time. Sirius is busy quietly blowing a circuit as well. He fucked that one up quite spectacularly in the smoothness department.

Oh thank Merlin. Sirius thought Remus was about to cut and run. A lopsided, canine-heavy grin takes over his face.

"Well, hell, let's try it! This place is the best chance we'll get!" Sirius looks up and tries to make eye contact with that girl he'd pointed out earlier. Go big or go home???