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Open- Thrust into a tight chasm without warning

Who: Ardyn and YOU!
What: Catch-all for everyone to mingle with this trash lord. Ardyn is new to the world and isn't too happy about polishing knobs.
Where: The castle, the market and the brothel.
When: All day
Warnings: Will update as needed!

The castle:

[Duties. Demanding, dull but something that had to be fulfilled to appease the Mistress in all her sordid glory. Ardyn Izunia on his knees polishing.....knobs. Door handles in the shape of penises to be precise. Cocks, knobs, dongers. Whatever you want to call them, he was now in the process of polishing one up with a bucket of water and some soap.

How delightful. Rather unbefitting for the Chancellor of Niflheim, yet in Eos he was not. He grunted with the effort, as he was now without his precious magic to aid him in the menial task. The Mistress had stripped him of almost everything when he had arrived just over a week or so ago. He had promised to earn his powers back though. Oh yes. He was going to get those back no matter what.]

I wonder if this is clean enough. Yet, cretins will place their filthy hands upon your length.

[He's talking to a door knob. Whatever next. What else was there to do but to keep active by talking whilst working. Only a hundred or so more to polish.]

The Market:

[Bread, ah, nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. Ardyn perused the many stands selling delightful objects such as jewellery and food toys.

Oh yes. Those. He wondered if anyone had indeed purchased such an item. Did they work?]

A wooden dildo perhaps? Hm, the splinters might be a tad painful. Alas, I will have to decline. Perhaps, a butt plug instead?

[He's looking but not yet buying. He needs more coin.]

The Brothel:

[Ardyn had wondered into the palace of ill-repute it seemed, but then what wasn't filthy and lewd within this place? He admired the forms of the many who worked here, glad he wasn't having to sell his body for a price. Things hadn't gotten that bad yet. Maybe he could indulge in spending time with someone for a price? Men, women.....he wasn't fussed. Not much.]

Ah, such beauty. I do hope this place will not take every coin from my pouch for a little fun.

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