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Open- Thrust into a tight chasm without warning

Who: Ardyn and YOU!
What: Catch-all for everyone to mingle with this trash lord. Ardyn is new to the world and isn't too happy about polishing knobs.
Where: The castle, the market and the brothel.
When: All day
Warnings: Will update as needed!

The castle:

[Duties. Demanding, dull but something that had to be fulfilled to appease the Mistress in all her sordid glory. Ardyn Izunia on his knees polishing.....knobs. Door handles in the shape of penises to be precise. Cocks, knobs, dongers. Whatever you want to call them, he was now in the process of polishing one up with a bucket of water and some soap.

How delightful. Rather unbefitting for the Chancellor of Niflheim, yet in Eos he was not. He grunted with the effort, as he was now without his precious magic to aid him in the menial task. The Mistress had stripped him of almost everything when he had arrived just over a week or so ago. He had promised to earn his powers back though. Oh yes. He was going to get those back no matter what.]

I wonder if this is clean enough. Yet, cretins will place their filthy hands upon your length.

[He's talking to a door knob. Whatever next. What else was there to do but to keep active by talking whilst working. Only a hundred or so more to polish.]

The Market:

[Bread, ah, nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning. Ardyn perused the many stands selling delightful objects such as jewellery and food toys.

Oh yes. Those. He wondered if anyone had indeed purchased such an item. Did they work?]

A wooden dildo perhaps? Hm, the splinters might be a tad painful. Alas, I will have to decline. Perhaps, a butt plug instead?

[He's looking but not yet buying. He needs more coin.]

The Brothel:

[Ardyn had wondered into the palace of ill-repute it seemed, but then what wasn't filthy and lewd within this place? He admired the forms of the many who worked here, glad he wasn't having to sell his body for a price. Things hadn't gotten that bad yet. Maybe he could indulge in spending time with someone for a price? Men, women.....he wasn't fussed. Not much.]

Ah, such beauty. I do hope this place will not take every coin from my pouch for a little fun.
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The Castle

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[Yuuko hasn't been here a week. More like... two days. But she's made herself at home very quickly. This rather lude place hasn't thrown her off one bit and she's taken to her usual habit of drinking quite a bit. And the wardrobe here is to die for. She's already found a fairly sheer robe with black fur along the edges that she's absolutely in love with.

She loved it so much she passed out in it last night. Which would be fine and the norm, no problem, except she's being woken up by the unpleasant sound of someone constantly rattling her door knob.

Can you please not!? Some people here are very hungover. It takes a great deal of effort but she does manage to drag herself out of bed and stumble to the door where she, after a moment of fumbling, throws it open.]

Hey! Some of us are still sleeping.

[The sound of her own voice is painful and so is the bright light in the hallway. All the curtains are open, huh? Awful. Just awful. The sun is a terrible curse that all partakers of the strong drink must suffer through.

She puts a hand to her head and offers a rather pained glare at the man who caused all this agony.]

Why are you at my door first thing in the morning? [It's... it's definitely morning, right?]
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Mistress [She mutters the name as if she's trying to recall just who that is and if they've met. She's in service to this mistress though... right? Bah. She just wanted to be where all the good stuff was.

God, this hangover is killing her. She needs a drink.]

I can blame you if I want to and I do. But I can't have this conversation out here in the halls with you anymore. So come inside and have a drink with me. It's better than this nonsense. Unless you like being on your knees... cleaning knobs.

[She smirks despite herself and steps back so he can enter, if he so chooses. Otherwise she's more than content to drink by herself. That's usually the norm after all.]
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[Lucky for Ardyn there is red wine. A few bottles of it actually. This place seems to lack sake and good beer but the wine here is quite excellent.

Yuuko's quarters are quite dim compared to the brightness of the hallway. Sun does manage to find it's way to shine a bit through the curtains offering just enough light so that they aren't enveloped completely in darkness but it's not painful for the incredibly hungover either.

The witch flops herself down onto her cushioned sitting area where her glass still sits empty from last night and bottles, both empty and full, litter the table. Hopefully there is a cleaning service on top of knob polishers.]

There's no better cure for a hangover than more booze... [That's not true but...] You can find a glass or just drink right out of the bottle. It doesn't matter. [She on the other hand will continue using her glass from the previous evening. Unsteady as she appears she does manage to refill her cup without spilling. This quite clearly isn't her first rodeo.]

So are you a servant here? A rather bold one if you can abandoned your duties for a drink. That isn't a scolding. I'd do the same thing at the drop of a hat. Chores aren't my thing... You just seem different from everyone I've met thus far. That's the only reason why I ask.
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That happens after a while? [How old is he then? Because she's got a few centuries under her belt already. Not in the four digits or anything but she's definitely not as young as she appears.] Well. Everything has a price. I'm not sure I could ever personally shake the hangover blues no matter how many more years I live.

[Yuuko takes a long and deep sip of her wine as she listens. He's an apprentice too? They have chores they have to do? One day it might be her cleaning those knobs? It's a good thing she's already drinking because now she definitely needs it.]

Unfortunate. I didn't know apprentice was also maid service. See... this is what happens when you don't read the fine print. Being a guard seemed like a lot of trouble. All that physical labor and what have you. I was-- am a witch. I'm a witch just without powers currently. I'd like to continue to be a witch and this seemed like the best way to go about it.

But perhaps not... but on the positive the rooms are nice and the wine is good. [At the very least she intends to do as little work as possible.]
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That's actually quite comforting. I thought due to the circumstances of my arrival my powers just were gone. But if you've lost them too then it's because this world is the way it is. Sometimes that can happen. Every world is different in terms to powers and what's allowed and not allowed.

[She swirls the scarlet liquor in her glass, watching it spin as she listens. It sounds as if his world is fairly modern. Airplanes, he's talking about, right? This world is painfully medieval. Like a weird Sex Renaissance Faire.]

I come from a modern day world too. Plains, Trains and Automobiles. I will miss the fashions but I didn't mingle with technology enough to miss it. [In the grand scheme of things it was there for such a short amount of time considering how long she's been alive.] So I guess I'd have to disagree with you just slightly. I think, I'd rather be somewhere new. And this please isn't ideal but it's definitely... different. There's a strange freedom I've never seen before. Like... people are just... having sex. All of the time. And everywhere. [She giggles because it's funny. It just is. No one back home would have thought so. And Clow? Mortified beyond belief.] The door knobs are actual knobs. It's ridiculous. [She may very well never be quite sober enough to ever think this is anything other than hilarious.]
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[Maybe. That would make the Mistress quite powerful and Yuuko quite frankly doesn't think she is. Well, there's no point in questioning it. Everything happens for a reason. This bizarre event included.]

Oh? Busy polishing fake knobs while neglecting your own? [They're going to beat that innuendo into the ground at this rate.] But let's be honest. Have you been too busy or too nervous? [She can admit that all this sex is a touch off putting. It's absolutely everywhere and so freely available. If you want it you can just go take it. There's no dance or courting. It just happens.] I'd be nervous. [Or... is currently nervous? It's hard to say. She's been drinking a lot.] If for no other reason than it's been a very long time since I've had any sort of engagement.

But then, I too have been very busy since my arrival as well. [She smirks just a bit over her glass before taking another long sip from it.]
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[She can't help but laugh, a laugh that hurts her hungover head but Gods is it worth it.]

I don't recall saying that I was craving the ladder. But... [The very foundation of this world seems to be built on these interactions. It doesn't mean anything. It's just the day to day. And while that's hard to wrap her head around... as the saying goes "When in Rome."]... but fine~ Alright.

Since we're both craving the same things... What do you suppose we do about it? The wine situation is taking care of itself. But the sex part... [She sets her glass, nearly empty, back on the table so she can reach for the opening of her robe, allowing the material to slide just off her shoulders.]

I want you to know you're quite lucky. Back home I was a witch that granted wishes. Unfortunately that's a bit harder now considering my lack of magic but clearly not impossible. So my question for you is how should I grant your wish?
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You will find that I'm good at everything.

[The polisher has to come to the knob, do they not? It doesn't work the other way around. So as unsteady as she still is Yuuko does manages to rise fairly gracefully and saunter over with little effort. The front of her robe isn't untied but the top half is quite open due to her teasing only moments ago. The curvatures of her ample breasts can clearly be seen which she doesn't mind in the least. She's not shy about her body and there's certainly no reason to be. They could be fully out and the witch wouldn't bat an eye]

But there is a catch with my wish granting powers. Whatever is given must be returned. Nothing in life is free. Not magic. Not wishes. [She places her hands on his knees, leaning in just a bit.] Lucky for you I have a few things that need polishing as well. So we can call it nice and even by the end of it.

If that sounds acceptable to you... present to me that which needs polishing~
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[Oh, names? Well, if he insists. But where's his sense of adventure and the thrill of rolling around with a stranger. Ah well, perhaps this is best. No sense in losing all your sense of dignity and manners in this debauchery filled world.]

I'm Yuuko Ichihara.

[He doesn't hold her gaze for long and that's perfectly fine. She has no intention of this being some romantic romp. It's drinking and sex and nothing more than that. If he wants to look at her chest more power to him. In fact... why stop at just looking?

She rests her hand over the one he has on her cheek in an attempt to guide him downward towards her breast. Both of which are barely covered in this thin sheer fabric. Yuuko is a slender woman but she has a surprisingly full chest, made all the more impressive by her thin frame. There's a great deal for Ardyn to cup and hold onto should he wish. And her body will be incredibly receptive. She wasn't lying when she said it'd been a long while. It's quite literally been centuries.]

And how do you propose we get to know one another? [Surely now is not the time for idle chit chat about favorite colors and songs. He has to mean in the physical sense, yes~?] Would taking off my robe help at all?
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Mmm~ I am a rather lucky witch. Always blessed at just the right time and in all the right places.

[Yuuko believes she is fairly good at hiding what she feels in any given situation. It's easy to do when you have liquor. But there are some things you can't force down. Your body responds and acts in a way that even a witch like herself can't control.

The goosebumps that coat your skin as someone touches you. The soft shivers of anticipation. The way everything inside you hardens and heats up as it prepares itself for pleasure. Nothing betrays what you're feeling quite like your body. And she finds, in this moment, that it's acceptable. There's nothing to hide and no expectations. She's been spirited away to a new place for whatever reason. Maybe for the sole purpose of enjoying pleasures such as these. Because it last happened such a long time ago with a lover who has been gone for ages. Someone she mourns still to this day. But that's complicated and headache inducing. What's happening here is simple and pleasurable. And that's what she'd like to experience for once. Something devoid of complications.

Her nipples harden and rather quickly at his light ministrations. Each brush of pleasure against them shoots right between her legs. A warm and pulsing reminder of just how long it has been. Even a witch has needs and she's neglected herself for far far too long. She's tempted to slide herself onto his lap and let this play out however it needs to but... she did promise a knob polishing. That's harder to do on someone's laps. No, that's a job one has to get on their knees for.

She reaches for that area, feeling his cock already hardening beneath the thin clothing. It's quite flattering as he's only seen and touched her breasts. She drags her fingers along the hidden length offering teasing yet gentle strokes.]

Gentleman's choice. How do you like to be serviced? [Hands. Mouth. Her Breasts. It doesn't matter. She just needs to know if she can slide herself comfortably on his lap or if she needs to get on her knees. Either one will get her off her unsteady feet.]
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[Of course. The blow job is a classic. It's the staple in all written and acted out pornography and as far as she's come to understand every man wants one. The act is some sort of holy grail... probably cause they don't have to do anything.

Regardless she has no qualms and this was the expected scenario. Better yet she's grateful to not be standing anymore. Her robe pulls around her as her knees touch the ground, hiding any chance for her lower half to be seen but at least her breasts are on full display still. Yuuko clearly having no intention of pulling the robe back on proper. There's no point in modesty at this point.

Now comfortably on her knees she pulls and tugs away the fabric that is impeding her task. She's not without her teasing ways especially after his comment. She taps at the tip of his cock, still purposely covered by his garments and looks up at him, smirking just a bit.]

Don't start making excuses. And anyway... slow is good. At least at first. I'm in no rush and unless you're eager to clean other door knobs you shouldn't be either. If it's been as long as we're both implying why rush through?

[Unless of course he meant the fact that she's a woman is cause for him to go slow. But there are ways to deal with that too. But one thing at a time. And this blow job is top of the order. She finally exposes his cock to the cool air and to herself and once she does not a moment is wasted. She scoots in closer between his legs and leans in, allowing her tongue to run along the underside all the way up to the tip. It's a slow languid action and so will be the ones that follow. She's a tease and always has been. But since there was no chance to play the long game, given they jumped into this series of events, she'll do it here where it'll quite possibly be even more effective.]
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[She glances up as he calls her a little girl. She's going to bite him if he does that again. Pet names are barely acceptable with a long term relationship but this is a tryst. Bearly even that. This is a bad decision due to being in a sex crazed world mixed with a night of heavy drinking.]

They say silence is golden. Give it a try or you'll be back on the other side of the door with both brass and flesh unpolished.

[She's hungover and so far more moodier than usual. Though to be fair such comments probably wouldn't fly if she were sober either. She's very particular about respect after all. To further her point she gently blows on the wet area her tongue created just moments ago. Not another lick until she gets some sort of confirmation.]