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Who: Ignis and you~
What: Catch-all for everyone who's hungry for sweets.
Where: The town's bakery.
When: All day until the shop closes.
Warnings: NSFW (eventually), spanking with a wooden spoon.

[Ah, the wonders of freedom. While the lifestyle Ignis chose after arriving to the Kingdom wasn’t exactly luxury, the fact of being able to choose what to do on his own made it up for all the circumstances he found himself involved into. That meant taking responsibility for his activities, yet it was something he could handle after all those years as chamberlain.

And luckily for him, it didn’t take long until finding a suitable job to keep himself busy with. Only a little wandering around the town until he found this bakery which, blessed the Astrals, was hiring. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the type of pastries he used to know, yet it was nothing he couldn’t learn. And he assured the owner, he was a quick learner.

Besides, that income was much needed.

That is how he ended up behind the counter that morning, the sweet smell of recently baked pastries emanating, luring, inviting inside whoever was passing by near the store.]

Good morning, how may I help you?

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