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Who: Ignis and you~
What: Catch-all for everyone who's hungry for sweets.
Where: The town's bakery.
When: All day until the shop closes.
Warnings: NSFW (eventually), spanking with a wooden spoon.

[Ah, the wonders of freedom. While the lifestyle Ignis chose after arriving to the Kingdom wasn’t exactly luxury, the fact of being able to choose what to do on his own made it up for all the circumstances he found himself involved into. That meant taking responsibility for his activities, yet it was something he could handle after all those years as chamberlain.

And luckily for him, it didn’t take long until finding a suitable job to keep himself busy with. Only a little wandering around the town until he found this bakery which, blessed the Astrals, was hiring. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the type of pastries he used to know, yet it was nothing he couldn’t learn. And he assured the owner, he was a quick learner.

Besides, that income was much needed.

That is how he ended up behind the counter that morning, the sweet smell of recently baked pastries emanating, luring, inviting inside whoever was passing by near the store.]

Good morning, how may I help you?
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[Ardyn hadn't explored too much of the town yet, as he had been busy with his daily chores given to him by the Mistress. The upkeep of the castle was no joke and he had to make sure to please her, so that he could eventually gain his magic back bit by bit. The smell of the bakery invaded his nostrils as he neared the building, finding himself hungry all of a sudden. Had he eaten today? Perhaps, a little but a treat couldn't hurt, could it? He found himself walking towards the door, noticing the familiar figure outside.]

Ignis! Oh, how delightful! Are you the town's baker now?

[Wasn't this a surprise? Or rather not, since Ignis was known for his culinary talents back on Eos. He was always keeping the group sustained with healthy meals around the campfire. Why yes, he did spy on your little friends, Ignis. Ardyn moved his gaze to the selection of cakes and pastries.]

What do you recommend for one hungry Chancellor?
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[It's not a joke, Ignis, sorry to disappoint but the Mistress has you both here, along with prince Noctis too. Happy families? Maybe not.]

You'd be surprised as to what actually takes my fancy, dear Ignis.

[Ardyn thought he heard wrong at the baker's words. Phallic Sweet Crescent Rolls? Was he being serious? Of course he was. This was Ignis. The Chancellor raised a curious eyebrow and then found himself smiling coyly.]

I trust they rose to the occasion? Give me one that will fill me up and cause me to feel stuffed full of Phallic Roll.

[Why yes, he did just utter those words. Innuendo of course. This was too good to pass up.]
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Vanilla filling? Oh, now you are tempting me into more corners of depravity with these delightfully phallic treats.

[He loved how they looked and how easy Ignis seemed to be adapting to this place, even through it's lewd and filthy nature. Ardyn knew that the blond was playing along with him in his own way and this pleased the Chancellor.]

I am quite hungry and could swallow one of your pastries....whole.
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[He noticed that questionable look and wondered what exactly Ignis was thinking right now. Ardyn was thinking on another level above the pastries and more along the lines of having rough sex with the baker possible outside in a back alley somewhere.

Classy, right? This is the Chancellor of Niflheim.]

You're right, I could, or I could have a taste test and see if I like them first. Try before you buy as they say.

[His amber eyes flashed dangerously at Ignis' goading.]

I assure you, I can swallow anything if the will takes me.

[He leaned in across the counter, eyeing Ignis up and licking his lips.]
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Re: it begins.

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[Well, Ardyn wasn't expecting that. At all. Nope. Ignis stuffing his mouth with freshly prepared hot pastry in the shape of a cock. What was his life? He gagged and choked a little on the pastry and pulled it out, licking his lips anyway. It did taste really good but as for Ignis stuffing it down his throat? Oh no. No way.]

Bravo, Ignis. How droll. Now, I believe it is my turn to...stuff you.

[With that, Ardyn launched into action, pulling Ignis over the counter by his clothes and marching him outside and down into the side alley. He moved fast, very fast in fact, for a man well over two thousand years old. He swiftly closed the gap between them, shoving the younger man back against the wall, and claiming his mouth for his own, forcing his tongue down Ignis' throat.

Who was being stuffed now?]
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[Ardyn was beginning to get aroused once he had Ignis pinned up against the wall and started to violate his mouth with his tongue. Then, he felt the kick.

Holy shit, it hurt like a bitch.

Ardyn doubled over and clutched at his balls, groaning out in pain. It hurt more since he had begun to develop a semi-hard erection. Now, he had plunged into a world of pain. When was the last time someone had kicked him in the jewels? He couldn't remember. He hissed in pain and glowered up at Ignis.]

Damn you- why? You can't do this to me-

[He couldn't even get up, since the burning sensation coursed through his crotch. One his knees he felt tears well up in the corner of his eyes. No. This was not how it was supposed to happen.]
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[Ardyn hated feeling like the weak one here, which he was right now. Kicked in the bollocks and suffering because of it. Curse that Ignis! He managed to get to his feet and stagger inside of the bakery searching for his attacker. What was the man playing at?! How dare he kick the Chancellor of Niflheim. He would pay....]

Run off, have we, dear Ignis? They do say that's the coward's way out after kicking a man in the unmentionables.....

[Ouch. It stung like a bitch and Ardyn had to grab hold of the counter top to steady himself. His cock and balls had taken a beating and he knew they would be all red for a while yet.]

Show yourself, baker!

[He hissed.]
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[Ardyn raised an eyebrow at the spoon whilst still holding his injured pride. What was he going to do with that?]

Of course you do....after kicking a poor man injuring his pride.

[He winced as another bolt of pain shot between his thighs. Ignis really had landed the Chancellor a hard blow down below. Now, he was being dragged and couldn't do much to stop it, since he was still trying to massage the pain away.]

Where are you taking me? If you think I am intimidated by you, I'm afraid are very wrong, dear Ignis.

[He hissed the threat through gritted teeth as he wondered what the hell the baker was up to now.]
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