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[OPEN] - a strange new land

Who: Éowyn and anyone else who happens to be around
What: A princess from Catholic Fantasy Land deals with arriving in a sex world, is confused.
When: May 8-10
Where: The castle (both the barracks and around the place generally), the village, and the forest.
Warnings: TBD

i. the barracks
There's no question that this is where she'd end up. There's plenty that discomfits her about the situation, from the idea of being tattooed to the thought of pledging her service to anyone but her King, but she's too proud to leave and too hot-blooded for the position not to appeal to her. For a long time, she's wanted nothing more than to fight. However much she knows she needs to go home (and she does, her uncle needs her there), the idea of being a soldier is too tempting to turn down.

But it's still a lot to take in, which is why for the first couple of nights in the castle, she can be found sitting cross-legged on her pallet in the clothes she was wearing when she got here, turning over the breastplate she was given in her hands and considering it. Occasionally, she says things under her breath that sound an awful lot like "but why?"

ii. around the castle
Éowyn has always prided herself on her sense of direction. But this place is unlike anywhere she's been before, with its complicated winding passageways and floors upon floors - very different to the open layout of Edoras. It takes some getting used to, is the point. And, as she's far too embarrassed to ask for another tour, she can be seen when off-shift, checking her map against the corridors with a frown.

And it isn't just the size of the place. It seems like every time she rounds a corner, there's something else to wonder at - and by wonder at, she mostly means wonder why. She's sheltered but not naive, and it isn't that she doesn't know what a dick is or even what some of the sex stuff is probably used for. She just doesn't know why you would put it everywhere. Don't they have anything better to use that space for? (Also, shut up, she's not blushing. That's, uh, the shadow of the helmet. Sure.)

She finds herself standing and staring a lot. At the paintings, for example. Her frown's obscured a little by her helmet, but it's still obvious.

"Is this common? In other lands, or only this?"

iii. the village and surroundings
Yes, it's confusing. Yes, it's more than a little disconcerting. But after all this time all but trapped in her uncle's hall, with duty always bearing down on her, it's also incredibly freeing to be here, where there's time off.

Frankly, that's not a concept she's ever really had. She's the Lady of Edoras, responsible for the household and her uncle's care and the reputation of the House of Éorl. Free time doesn't factor heavily into all that. It's actually pretty intoxicating to be able to just walk, breathe the free air, and to know that she could do just about anything and nobody would need to know. So she spends a lot of time wandering, taking in the sights. You can find her in the forest, humming under her breath as she walks without direction, or sitting on hilltops, or meandering through the village.

Or you can find her on the second day after her arrival, walking around the village with little scrapes and cuts on her bare thighs, accosting passers-by to ask where, in all of this, she can find a pair of leggings.

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