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Who: Ford Pines and YOU
What: Trying to make an honest living selling porn, as one does
When: Now!
Where: The village market
Warnings: I mean things of a sexual nature obviously, and also talk of monsterfucking

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And now, for something a little different.

The town crier, now a centaur, had a bit of fascinating news for all those who would gather round to hear him. And you will gather round, because he seems to be one of the only ones who knows what’s going on. Some moments after you drank water this day, you may have noticed a sudden shift in body parts. Perhaps you have horse legs, or wings, or a horse tail, or extra eyes, maybe too few eyes, or perhaps hooves— A lot of creatures are part horse, aren’t they?

The town crier does his duty and tells you the tale. As it happens, a wizard of local dubious renown was seen fleeing the town early this morning. Long time locals knew this to be a sign of terribleness to come. At the scene of the crime was a discarded bucket with a sludgey residue inside. This was initially nothing that caused alarm. There were many buckets of sludge around town. Yet when the investigations began, the Mistress quickly deduced that the sludge was a horrific transmogrification potion.

She has called all suspicious persons to her castle for questioning. Ordinarily, she would allow this to slide. If the people of her town want to make one another miserable, then they are at liberty to do so. But, this was personal.

Your much beloved Mistress was looking rather more furry than usual. From head-to-toe she was covered in long, silky, fur— much befitting for the most beautiful yeti in all the land.

Will you answer her call? Are you stuck in some predicament that does not allow you to attend? Or have you lost your legs entirely?

[[OOC: The ooc for this event is over here]]

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Who: Kaphlar Kinra and you!
What: Lying, questing and shenanigans.
When: (waves hands vaguely) August
Where: Around the village (+ one bonus journal post)
Warnings: Kaph is an asshole. Will edit as needed.

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Periodically throughout the month, you will find yourself accosted by guards who inform you that the Mistress has picked you, specifically you, to do some cleaning. The castle is big, and other than the rooms that have been locked and rendered off-limits, you’re going to help clean every last bit of it.

Sometimes, the chore may be pleasant enough—maybe you’ll be sorting and reshelving books, or doing a little bit of sweeping. Other times? Well, have fun scraping out the gunk between the cobbles with a stick.

However, there will be one special time mid-month where all the apprentices will be not allowed to leave first thing in the morning. Instead, after they’ve eaten, they’ll be taken down into the cellars. The cellars are a catacomb of stone storage rooms, some magically chilled and others simply basement-room temperature. They’re lined with shelves, jars, and other storage methods, all filled to the brim with ingredients and various drinks, both alcoholic and not. While the ones with the freshest ingredients are kept as spotless as you can hope for in a fantasy setting, many of the others—especially the furthest ones—are much worse off. While nothing is off-puttingly bad, it sure hasn’t seen a good cleaning in a while.

You are given proper cleaning supplies, and told to get to work.

Of course, under some of those shelves and corners are lurking the spores of a certain mold, when inhaled, will make you start feeling… pleasant. Your thoughts will begin to slowly reel and your thinking will alter, and you’ll relax. If you’ve ever been high on certain herbs before, you’ll recognize that’s what it is. It creeps in slowly. The longer you’re in the mold-infested rooms, the higher you’ll get.

There are no adverse effects to long-term exposure—but you’ll fall asleep and some hapless guard will be in to retrieve you.

Every hour or so, the guards will check in on you. Once everything is clean enough, they’ll let you leave.

((OOC: Catch-all mingle for apprentice activities this month! But if you're an outlier who happens to have business at the castle while they’re cleaning main areas, or you’re a guard who has to patrol the pantry with an NPC platoon, why not hop in?))
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With the return of the winner of the Fuckfest, the Mistress has formally announced an important and exclusive feast--and decreed that all of her extra-dimensional pets (that means you) are to attend. This news is delivered by the guards, both native to this world and otherwise, who are also tasked with distributing butt-plugs that have the words "Congratulations on not dying of exposure" engraved in their bases.

If you try not to attend, you will be forced into it anyway. It is compulsory on pain of death. Sorry. However, upon being escorted/invited into the great hall of the castle, you are welcomed by a fantastic and bustling scene. Music plays, performers dance, and the smell of food hangs in the air as platters are carried around by servants who take the time to offer portions to each guest. Not to mention the wine! The ambassadors and other guests in attendance are in varying states of undress, but no one is completely naked—and at least those who come close are not sitting on top of the table or anything. There is almost a sense of decorum to this particular event.

At the very head of the table, clad in an extraordinarily expensive-looking set of BDSM lingerie and her horned crown, sits the Mistress. Flanked by two of her highest ranking guards, she laughs and smirks at the chatter of the ambassadors sitting nearby, paying no attention to anyone else except those who have already earned her good graces.

Regardless of your job, you will all be seated all together at the very end of the table, furthest away from the Mistress. Yenh, the fuckfest winner, gets the honor of being at the end, but there’s a lot flowers and statues blocking the view anyway. She's out of earshot for whatever dinner discussions you'd like to have—but her loyal guards, servants, and the less-well-received ambassadors are not.

Once the feasting winds down, the Mistress rises and climbs the steps to the throne at the end of the room. She settles in and only now lays her eyes upon the Kingdom's special arrivals.

"Come and claim your rewards. Don't be shy."

She turns her gaze toward Estinien, the sole person who did not participate in the Fuckfest while it was ongoing, and grins. "You, too."

Once the dinner is over, nothing stops you from milling about to socialize, get caught up in an ambassador's after-dinner sex party, or to just leave with your shiny new prizes.
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Who: [OPEN] Aymeric and you!
What: Catch-all for non-participants and early losers in the fuckening, but everyone is welcome! Come gloat if you like.
When: All day.
Where: In the guard barracks, outside the castle, Yenh's hut, the inn.
Warnings: Will update as needed!

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Who: Yenh and anyone else!
What: An adventurer has arrived, with a lot of questions and a lot of free time.
When: Late May
Where: Everywhere, basically.
Warnings: None yet, will update as/if needed!

It's a lot of ground to cover, but it's not like she has anything better to do. )
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Who: Éowyn and anyone else who happens to be around
What: A princess from Catholic Fantasy Land deals with arriving in a sex world, is confused.
When: May 8-10
Where: The castle (both the barracks and around the place generally), the village, and the forest.
Warnings: TBD

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