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It's like christmas in july except just it's cold and everyone is stressed and there are no presents

Who: [OPEN] Aymeric and you!
What: Catch-all for non-participants and early losers in the fuckening, but everyone is welcome! Come gloat if you like.
When: All day.
Where: In the guard barracks, outside the castle, Yenh's hut, the inn.
Warnings: Will update as needed!

I. In and Around the Castle
[For the entirely-too-manyth in a row now the weather has been getting unrelentingly colder. So much so that he could barely think as he did his duties. It would do no good to lose his work or the possible trust he had earned with his diligence over this, but the temptation to abandon his post became increasingly difficult. During breakfast, if you are a fellow guard, Aymeric will be trying to get your attention. Maybe there is something they can do about their uniforms...? If you are not a guard, he will try to catch your attention anyway. He has requests to make in his miserable state.]

II. The Village
[Once his terrible, miserable shift is over he will run around the village with increasingly conspicuous supplies. First a couple blankets, then some buckets, and eventually he will be rolling a wooden bath down a road. He comes to Yenh's shack and knocks on the door with his arms very much full.]

III. The Inn
[Much later now, he finds himself at his familiar watering hole. Sure, it cost a lot more than drinking with the other guards in the castle, but the illusion of getting out of the Mistress' reach was well worth it. Here you will see him finally changed out of his guard uniform, but back in the clothing he arrived in. Terribly ironic that he was able to acquire some new clothes the very week it was too cold to wear any of them. He's back to looking very over-dressed and out of place. If you sit near him, he will offer you a drink and a warm, weary smile.]

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