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Who: Aymeric and Yenh
What: They're gonna bang, probably.
When: Sometime after the Feast.
Where: The castle, then Yenh's shacking-up shack.
Warnings: Sex, most probably.

The Master of Seduction )
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Who: Yenh and you!
What: Working, living, and Cow Quest (you are especially invited to Cow Quest)
When: Early to mid August, it's wobbly as you want!
Where: The village and the forest, mostly!
Warnings: idk yet

Just like old times. )
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With the return of the winner of the Fuckfest, the Mistress has formally announced an important and exclusive feast--and decreed that all of her extra-dimensional pets (that means you) are to attend. This news is delivered by the guards, both native to this world and otherwise, who are also tasked with distributing butt-plugs that have the words "Congratulations on not dying of exposure" engraved in their bases.

If you try not to attend, you will be forced into it anyway. It is compulsory on pain of death. Sorry. However, upon being escorted/invited into the great hall of the castle, you are welcomed by a fantastic and bustling scene. Music plays, performers dance, and the smell of food hangs in the air as platters are carried around by servants who take the time to offer portions to each guest. Not to mention the wine! The ambassadors and other guests in attendance are in varying states of undress, but no one is completely naked—and at least those who come close are not sitting on top of the table or anything. There is almost a sense of decorum to this particular event.

At the very head of the table, clad in an extraordinarily expensive-looking set of BDSM lingerie and her horned crown, sits the Mistress. Flanked by two of her highest ranking guards, she laughs and smirks at the chatter of the ambassadors sitting nearby, paying no attention to anyone else except those who have already earned her good graces.

Regardless of your job, you will all be seated all together at the very end of the table, furthest away from the Mistress. Yenh, the fuckfest winner, gets the honor of being at the end, but there’s a lot flowers and statues blocking the view anyway. She's out of earshot for whatever dinner discussions you'd like to have—but her loyal guards, servants, and the less-well-received ambassadors are not.

Once the feasting winds down, the Mistress rises and climbs the steps to the throne at the end of the room. She settles in and only now lays her eyes upon the Kingdom's special arrivals.

"Come and claim your rewards. Don't be shy."

She turns her gaze toward Estinien, the sole person who did not participate in the Fuckfest while it was ongoing, and grins. "You, too."

Once the dinner is over, nothing stops you from milling about to socialize, get caught up in an ambassador's after-dinner sex party, or to just leave with your shiny new prizes.
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Who: [OPEN] Aymeric and you!
What: Catch-all for non-participants and early losers in the fuckening, but everyone is welcome! Come gloat if you like.
When: All day.
Where: In the guard barracks, outside the castle, Yenh's hut, the inn.
Warnings: Will update as needed!

I swear it's not usually this small- It's this bracing cold, I promise. )
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Welcome, sluts! Feel free to use this post to mingle to your heart's delight for this month's event! Remember to post the outcome of all match-ups HERE on the plotting post! The bracket will be updated as results roll in, so keep an eye on that in the coming days as well.

Happy fucking!


May. 25th, 2017 02:53 pm
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Who: Yenh and anyone else!
What: An adventurer has arrived, with a lot of questions and a lot of free time.
When: Late May
Where: Everywhere, basically.
Warnings: None yet, will update as/if needed!

It's a lot of ground to cover, but it's not like she has anything better to do. )


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