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[So Very Open] Tasks Abound.

Who: Yenh and you!
What: Working, living, and Cow Quest (you are especially invited to Cow Quest)
When: Early to mid August, it's wobbly as you want!
Where: The village and the forest, mostly!
Warnings: idk yet

I. First Days on the Job
[ Resolving to be able to better support herself better than hand-to-mouth (and elf-to-cat) living, Yenh managed to 1) find the town potionmaker, 2) convince her, somehow, to take on an apprentice of the not-yucky castle type, and 3) jump into the grueling work with cheerful abandon. ]

[ She loves this. It's good and honest labor, and it lets her use her energy to be productive when there's no readily available adventure-y way to use it all up. While the potionmaker brews in the evening and peddles in the daylight hours, Yenh does the cleaning, fetching, and errand-running. She walks or jogs through town, carrying armful after armful of various items—sometimes it's a crated delivery, and sometimes it's a sack of purchases for the potionmaker, and sometimes it's a comically large armful of fresh river reeds. ]

[ And golly does she look happy. ]

II. Home???
[ ... but as the day's work winds down, she heads toward her newly upgraded little cottage. Stretching her sore muscles, she stops just at the corner before turning onto the path to her place. There's the sound of a small crowd. ]

[ Yenh peeks around the corner and sees about a half dozen folks standing outside her cottage's little garden. She strains to hear what they're talking about—ah. The contest. Gossip about who won, who lost, and giggling over the whole thing. She hadn't really expected her new house to become a landmark for the contest, but it makes sense. Yenh thinks about what the Mistress said during the feast—that she could have ordered anyone to visit the Snow Queen—and sighs. All that ado, the cold and suffering, the humiliation... was made for nothing except entertainment. It soured once the pieces put themselves together for her: it was more like a hazing than an actual need for a champion. No wonder there weren't any locals in the contest. ]

[ She realizes she's been spacing out for a few seconds. Yenh ponders instead whether she should march in and embrace being associated with the house, or if she goes on another nice little forest walk until they get bored and leave. ]

III. Questing
[ A sound of yodeling splits the silence in the air far and wide. Yenh winces, ears flattened against her head as she draws her hand back from the cow's teat. That sure was... a thing. ]

[ Yenh lead the cow a little further out to pasture—away from the buildings and closer to the road—so that she could troubleshoot helping this animal without causing too much ruckus. Gods, but the noise is loud. Giving the beast a reassuring pat on the shoulder as she moves to the fence where she has tied the cow up. Yenh lets her weight sink back against it, her arms crossed as she assesses the cow very seriously. The cow responds by regurgitating cud to chew on. ]

... pardon me, I failed to ask him if you've a name. I presume you do... but allow me a nickname? Henceforth, I shall call you... "Marble."

[The newly christened Marble has no comment.]
((OOC: Whether you're drawn toward the ruckus, were coming to look at the cow anyway, or your character had already come up with a possible solution and you're coming back to try it, please join in!))

IV. Wildcard!
[ improvise an opener at me you cowards, i'm not afraid!!! ]
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3- Questing

[personal profile] hauntpadour 2017-08-09 07:26 pm (UTC)(link)
[Egon has come to preform the exact quest Yenh is now. But the sound of yodeling leads the scientist to believe that he may be a bit late. And he is, because Yenh has the cow.]

[Oh boy.]

[He'll still try to help, hopping the fence and walking up to the woman and the cow.]

Ah, Yenh. Going to try and solve this yodeling bovine problem?
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I have no idea.

[Honestly in this situation, he felt like thinking the way Ray did might be the answer.]

Maybe expose it to a quieter form of music.
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I was going to try humming.

[He shrugs, reaching over and patting the cow on his nose.]

Any genre might work, if he takes to it.
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[Egon glances down, staring the cow directly in it's big, dumb eyes.]

I wonder if it would like "Down By the Old Mill Stream"
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[personal profile] hauntpadour 2017-10-08 11:14 pm (UTC)(link)
No, but it's usually done with at least two people. I suppose it might be hard for a cow to sing more than one part themselves.

[The doctor stands, clearing his throat and beginning to hum.]

Down by the old mill streaaam

[That's quite a baritone he's got.]
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[He will happily continue singing, wishing he had a partner to cover the other parts of the song. But, there was only a girl who didn't know the song, and a cow who could only yodel.]

[He just hopes that after the second verse, the cow gets it.]