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[Closed] A search for callampas

Who: Ignis and Noctis
What: Closed post for the mushrooms quest
Where: The outskirts from the town
When: Evening time
Warnings: Will update according

[Not too long should pass in order for Ignis to come into account of this detail. A very important detail regarding his new life: his rather humble income. While it was better than nothing (and but of course, how could anyone think of living without a proper job?), the payment hardly sufficed for the usual needs he required on his daily living. Barely proper food, unless he decided to set himself to hunt, like in the good old days.

Only he lacked the proper weaponry in order to do so. And Ignis was definitely not feeling suicidal enough to venture himself in the depths of lands he hardly knew.

His pondering met an end as soon as an empty jar was found under the bed. The request? Fill it up. With mushrooms. Mushrooms? Okay, that was something he could think of hunting without risking his life. Or anyone's, giving how he was supposed to go solo on this one, until a certain former prince decided to tag along on the quest.

Not like he could complain.

The evening was warm and nice for exploring, empty jars in their hands as they seeked for rare mushrooms they could collect.]

I truly appreciate your concern about my current finances, Majesty, yet is nothing I can't handle without proper control of my expenses for the moment.
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At last I am here.

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Ignis, this isn't funny. I have to help you. We gotta work together on this. [He already looked into what he makes.]

I make about 20 gold a month as a guard. It's not great but it's steady and the work isn't hard. I get room and board paid for though. So I'll give what I make to you. It's better that way, I want you to live, Ignis. This place...

[He's headed into the forest, guard uniform and all. He is more adjusted to the thong and the boots and the corset. He doesn't like it or want it but he can accept that this is how things will be from now on. He just... walks into the woods with Ignis.]

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[Cooperating wasn't really the word. He was helping. He had to help, this was just pathetic. Ignis was never meant to be a beggar. Noctis had room and board, he needed to help his friend, they had to be in this together.

So here they are in the woods trying to make a quick buck. Every little bit helps.]

And you can stay alive with the gold I make. Come on, I won't use it on anything else. I get everything I need.

[He blinked at the mushroom.] Ew, don't touch that thing, it's probably poisonous.

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[He will be a king again. He will eventually go home but he isn't unhappy to live this way for now. He doesn't have any responsibilities here. He is good to go, just follow menial orders and make fun of Ardyn.]

Ignis... I promise. I can even bring you some of my food if you want. We can share, they overfeed me in the barracks.

And who knows?? It might poison you just by touching it. Don't pick that thing up, it looks like death.

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What? Really? When did you make those? Ignis, you should eat all your food. [Even now, he's trying to take care of him... Ignis will never stop.]

I guess? I just think you should leave it alone... Ignis... Ignis stop. [That thing gives him the willies and he doesn't like the red burst of spores that fly into the air as Ignis sneezes on the shroom. He groans. Now they're going to breathe it in and catch death.]

Really. And that red spore cloud was nothing at all. We're not about to break out in hives or something worse.
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Oh, but you'll pass the weight on to me. Thanks. [He cares too, he likes Ignis... more than likes him if he's honest but he doesn't want to be honest with himself, he wants to have money to get Ignis some decent digs.

He sighs at the red spores.]

No, and I don't think I will anytime soon seeing as how I am fresh out of gold. I might come to see you though.

...what, are you hot or something? [It hasn't hit him yet. He's just wondering what is up with Ignis.]

Right, I gotta find another... another shroom. A less creepy one.