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Who: Yenh and anyone else!
What: An adventurer has arrived, with a lot of questions and a lot of free time.
When: Late May
Where: Everywhere, basically.
Warnings: None yet, will update as/if needed!

[Freshly dumped into the village with nothing else but the clothes on her back and a fancy magical book, Yenh decides that all she can do is gather information. After all, the Mistress' books were... enlightening... but not especially helpful for getting the full sense of the situation.]

[It's also a welcome distraction from the feeling of being stripped of power and purpose, which, well, she doesn't want to get into at all.]

[Stuffing the book and white feather quill down the front of her tunic, she begins exploring the land in earnest. Going into the wilderness before she is properly acclimated seems like a terrible idea, so it's time to talk to the locals—and she does get her questions answered, as well as several invitations into their homes, or at least to behind their woodsheds or whatever. She passes them up, but kindly. Much too busy right now.]

[It is in this spirit of anticipating both answers and sexual advances that this short cat-lady with a book crammed into her shirt might approach a certain someone—namely, maybe, you. Her lionish tail twitches idly as she approaches and stands at a very appropriate distance, though maybe a little closer if she has to tap you on the arm to get your attention.]

Hail, stranger! I'm new to these lands. May I ask your opinion on this realm?

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