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Who: Yenh and anyone else!
What: An adventurer has arrived, with a lot of questions and a lot of free time.
When: Late May
Where: Everywhere, basically.
Warnings: None yet, will update as/if needed!

[Freshly dumped into the village with nothing else but the clothes on her back and a fancy magical book, Yenh decides that all she can do is gather information. After all, the Mistress' books were... enlightening... but not especially helpful for getting the full sense of the situation.]

[It's also a welcome distraction from the feeling of being stripped of power and purpose, which, well, she doesn't want to get into at all.]

[Stuffing the book and white feather quill down the front of her tunic, she begins exploring the land in earnest. Going into the wilderness before she is properly acclimated seems like a terrible idea, so it's time to talk to the locals—and she does get her questions answered, as well as several invitations into their homes, or at least to behind their woodsheds or whatever. She passes them up, but kindly. Much too busy right now.]

[It is in this spirit of anticipating both answers and sexual advances that this short cat-lady with a book crammed into her shirt might approach a certain someone—namely, maybe, you. Her lionish tail twitches idly as she approaches and stands at a very appropriate distance, though maybe a little closer if she has to tap you on the arm to get your attention.]

Hail, stranger! I'm new to these lands. May I ask your opinion on this realm?
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[Aymeric is just standing about after a long morning shift of guarding. He's out to buy some clothes from an outdoor market vendor— his Lord Commander's uniform is entirely too showy for day-to-day here. And moreover, it's far much more of a pain to change in and out of his Commander's attire than his skimpy guard uniform.

He turns around when he is spoken to- His face still hidden beneath the guard issued mask. This small miqo'te woman seems awfully familiar...? He hadn't seen her around here yet, though. That was for certain. He gives her a polite toe-tap-bow, as is customary for any polite Elezen man.]

Hail. My sincere condolences in the matter of your arrival here. Forgive me if I speak too plainly, yet I find this realm detestable. Her leaders are cruel, her people are strange, and her lands are unforgiving and unpredictable. I must admit that my feelings differ considerably from the natives. The eccentricities of this land take some getting used to.
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Forgive me, 'tis most unlike me to whinge so unabashedly... [He gives a jovial quirk to his lips] I prefer my company to have as much ale in them as myself.

[he gives a little sigh] I have not seen you around the castle, nor have I heard of any new assignments. I suppose you have deigned to make it on your own in the village. What is your name, my lady?

[He notices that she's trying not to stare him in the dick and appreciates it. His days are filled with immodesty and sexual harassment.]
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Pleased to make your acquaintance, Lady Quryoja. [For all his unfamiliarity with Miqo'te names, that slid easily off his tongue. The name sounded familiar. He still couldn't place any of it properly... Perhaps someone he had spoken to momentarily on a trip to Gridania? There were plenty of Keepers in the Shroud. It would click sooner or later.]

Nay, I have been relieved of my duties for the day. I am now looking to shop for some off-duty clothes.

[He looks down at himself and makes a sweeping gesture towards the offending outfit.] This is hardly comfortable clothing for a night at the tavern.

[And though he's off-duty, he prefers to keep his helm. He finds his skimpy clothing more bearable with anonymity. He would ordinarily introduce himself otherwise. Odd, though. That she called him Ser Knight- He can't help himself.]

Say, how did you know that I was a knight? [He glances at his sword. It is perhaps too beautiful for a mere guard, yet how would a Miqo'te know? She didn't look like a chocobo trader.]
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[Oh No. Well... He wasn't a cowardly fellow. If she knew his name- knew his sword- she would find out eventually. ]

You... Mustn't tell anyone. Pray do me a kindness and do not refer to me by name while I'm in this damned guard uniform. Ordinarily I don't leave the castle grounds in this wretched thing.

[He looks her over more closely as he overcomes his embarrassment. He watches her shake her head and step back.]

Are you alright? I won't hurt you simply because you know. [he reaches out to touch her shoulder in a friendly, reassuring way.]
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I apologize. I know that you're familiar somehow- in voice, in stature. I can't place it. I mean not to disrespect you.

[This means more to him than some petty sort of dignity. His dignity was worth more than being taken down by a silly guard uniform. He pulls his helmet off his head to look into her eyes without obstruction.]

Truly. [he bows. his hair, flattened by the helmet falls limply with his movement. It's a bit damp from sweat, loosening the waves in his hair. His face is that of genuine concern.]
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The Warrior of Light! I would think that I would recognize...

[He's bent down, staring her in the face. His words slow more and more until he stops mid sentence. His brows furrow as he tries to conjure the Warrior of Light's face. His mouth falls agape in bewilderment.]

he whispers:
What's going on?

[he drops his helmet as he places both hands on her shoulders now, willing himself to remember.]

What magic could this be? Why can't I remember the Warrior of Light's face?
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[He feels the urgency of the request, as if he must help her vanquish some terrible spell. His mind flips through possible questions, some much stupider than others as he searches for obscurity. Though, as a public figure he finds some difficulty. And as for things the Warrior of Light told him, would it do to repeat them back? What if those were well-known bard tales by now?

Who is my father? No, everyone knows that now. What is the name of my cat? Did they even meet? How do I take my tea? Most women who courted him knew that much. Think, think. He gives a clever smile.]

What does Estinien look like under his helmet?

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[The green-haired man in apprentice garb turns around and looks her up and down.

His sincere answer would be something along the lines of "It's ok but the Mistress is a lying bitch and for all the tits and dicks on display people are astonishingly unwilling to put out," buuut... this is a pretty good-looking lady, and he's pretty sure he'll just be perpetuating the problem if he tells her the whole truth...

Kaph shrugs noncommittally.]

It's pretty weird, I guess, but you get used to it. Gets kinda boring sometimes, to tell you the truth!
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[It's probably a good thing she doesn't voice that thought. Kaph is the kind of man who would spin the wickedest and wildest of tales to make himself look good.]

Weeell... The Mistress took a few things away from me when she brought me here, see, and I miss them. That's the biggest problem, really.
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[Oh, he catches that. And what's more...]

Pretty much, actually! All my powers are gone. It's why I took the apprentice gig, you know... I really feel like I need to get some magic back in my system. You feel me?

[The last chick he tried to talk to about magic just looked at him like he was crazy. This is gonna go great.]
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[You know what? He feels firmly in his comfort zone by now. In fact, he's pretty sure if he just handles things the way he usually does, everything will be fine and dandy. Finally, the pure, unfiltered Kaphlar Experience.

... Okay, maybe, like... 10% filtered. He can't get anywhere by being completely sincere.]

You wanna know my honest opinion? She's a goddamn slave driver, is what she is. [He sighs, a little theatrically - but his frustration IS real.] I haven't learned a thing yet! The only thing she's had me do all month is write dirty letters for all her fuckbuddies.
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[... Should he dial that back down?-- Wait, is she laughing?

The tension in his hands - curled fingers readying themselves to summon a flame they can't actually reach anymore - vanishes when he realises she isn't laughing at him.]

What, and you just took it? No complaints?
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[He is... not exactly impressed. He doesn't get it, really; how can you get anywhere just doing what people tell you? Especially when it's frivolous nonsense?

Kaph slaps his best "casually curious" look on his face.]

Say, what would have happened if you just told your masters off?

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