Aug. 3rd, 2017

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In the castle's training yard, a lieutenant of the guard lines up all the new recruits—meaning those who have arrived in the past few months, as well as a number of tall and strong women recruited from the kingdom itself.

The guard paces along them as she begins her speech. "I don't care what kind of self-styled champion or athlete you think you are. If you can't prove it to me, then you can't prove your worthiness to wear the Mistress. You want to keep your weapons? Your powers? Your enviable uniforms? Prove you deserve them.

"The Mistress is cruel and sadistic, yes, but fair to those she deems worthy. And some of you-" she focuses in on certain people, "-are standing on much shakier ground than the rest.

With that, she stops directly in front of them, gesturing emphatically to the assembled group.

"For the next month, I will whip you into shape. Literally, if I need to. You are going to sweat your weakness and insubordination out, or collapse trying."

And with that, training begins. Over the course of the month, under her intense attention, she subjects the guards to training sessions. Group calisthenics, laps around the castle, strength training, drills, sparring with practice weapons... and, once a week, the obstacle course.

What are the obstacles? You will crawl through mud, under brambles, climb over walls, maintain your balance on a tightrope, push barriers out of the way, and finally, a quick swim to victory.

All guards are expected to be in full uniform (though you're given leave to take the helm off). Stopping to adjust your outfit earns you a reprimand. Keep doing it, and you'll have to do more laps or whatever else she deems is good punishment.

And yes, people are watching from above. Sometimes with vague disinterest, sometimes with... far greater intensity.


((OOC: Catch-all mingle for guard activities this month! Of course, if you're an outlier or apprentice who happens to have business at the castle, or you heard about the drills, no one is stopping you from stopping by...))
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Periodically throughout the month, you will find yourself accosted by guards who inform you that the Mistress has picked you, specifically you, to do some cleaning. The castle is big, and other than the rooms that have been locked and rendered off-limits, you’re going to help clean every last bit of it.

Sometimes, the chore may be pleasant enough—maybe you’ll be sorting and reshelving books, or doing a little bit of sweeping. Other times? Well, have fun scraping out the gunk between the cobbles with a stick.

However, there will be one special time mid-month where all the apprentices will be not allowed to leave first thing in the morning. Instead, after they’ve eaten, they’ll be taken down into the cellars. The cellars are a catacomb of stone storage rooms, some magically chilled and others simply basement-room temperature. They’re lined with shelves, jars, and other storage methods, all filled to the brim with ingredients and various drinks, both alcoholic and not. While the ones with the freshest ingredients are kept as spotless as you can hope for in a fantasy setting, many of the others—especially the furthest ones—are much worse off. While nothing is off-puttingly bad, it sure hasn’t seen a good cleaning in a while.

You are given proper cleaning supplies, and told to get to work.

Of course, under some of those shelves and corners are lurking the spores of a certain mold, when inhaled, will make you start feeling… pleasant. Your thoughts will begin to slowly reel and your thinking will alter, and you’ll relax. If you’ve ever been high on certain herbs before, you’ll recognize that’s what it is. It creeps in slowly. The longer you’re in the mold-infested rooms, the higher you’ll get.

There are no adverse effects to long-term exposure—but you’ll fall asleep and some hapless guard will be in to retrieve you.

Every hour or so, the guards will check in on you. Once everything is clean enough, they’ll let you leave.

((OOC: Catch-all mingle for apprentice activities this month! But if you're an outlier who happens to have business at the castle while they’re cleaning main areas, or you’re a guard who has to patrol the pantry with an NPC platoon, why not hop in?))


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