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Apprentice Mingle

Periodically throughout the month, you will find yourself accosted by guards who inform you that the Mistress has picked you, specifically you, to do some cleaning. The castle is big, and other than the rooms that have been locked and rendered off-limits, you’re going to help clean every last bit of it.

Sometimes, the chore may be pleasant enough—maybe you’ll be sorting and reshelving books, or doing a little bit of sweeping. Other times? Well, have fun scraping out the gunk between the cobbles with a stick.

However, there will be one special time mid-month where all the apprentices will be not allowed to leave first thing in the morning. Instead, after they’ve eaten, they’ll be taken down into the cellars. The cellars are a catacomb of stone storage rooms, some magically chilled and others simply basement-room temperature. They’re lined with shelves, jars, and other storage methods, all filled to the brim with ingredients and various drinks, both alcoholic and not. While the ones with the freshest ingredients are kept as spotless as you can hope for in a fantasy setting, many of the others—especially the furthest ones—are much worse off. While nothing is off-puttingly bad, it sure hasn’t seen a good cleaning in a while.

You are given proper cleaning supplies, and told to get to work.

Of course, under some of those shelves and corners are lurking the spores of a certain mold, when inhaled, will make you start feeling… pleasant. Your thoughts will begin to slowly reel and your thinking will alter, and you’ll relax. If you’ve ever been high on certain herbs before, you’ll recognize that’s what it is. It creeps in slowly. The longer you’re in the mold-infested rooms, the higher you’ll get.

There are no adverse effects to long-term exposure—but you’ll fall asleep and some hapless guard will be in to retrieve you.

Every hour or so, the guards will check in on you. Once everything is clean enough, they’ll let you leave.

((OOC: Catch-all mingle for apprentice activities this month! But if you're an outlier who happens to have business at the castle while they’re cleaning main areas, or you’re a guard who has to patrol the pantry with an NPC platoon, why not hop in?))
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[Guess what? Yuuko hates this. She hates chores. She doesn't do chores. Other people do chores for her. That's how it's always been. She's never had to sweep or dust or do anything like that ever.

Naturally in her very short time here she's been skirting her duties as much as possible. Today luck isn't on her side, or so it seems at first. Today she's been led to a wine cellar and her eyes immediately sparkle in delight. This is how the day will be spent. And if there was a warning about not to drink anything down here she didn't hear it.

Yuuko hums happily feeling quite delighted as she looks over all the liquors that are on display.]

Which one~ Which one~

[She doesn't see any sake but there's lots of wine which is just as excellent. And soooo~ many to choose from. She eventually plucks a red wine from the shelf and plops herself down on a crate as she fusses with the cork, struggling with it for a few minutes.]

We might as well help ourselves. If we finish early they'll just send us somewhere else. It's cool down here and there's alcohol. Why be anywhere else~?

[There's a soft pop signalling that it's party time down here.]

After Party

[The rules that she lives by states that she can't take something without giving in return. That's just her own personal rule set and if it exists in this world or not is not completely certain. And today isn't the day to find out. So naturally after drinking what we'll average as a few bottles of wine it's time to pay for it. And that's by finally doing the task assigned to her. Clean.

Now, you might be saying that's towing a fine line. Payment can't be what she was told to do from the beginning. And you'd probably be right. But at least she's willing to clean now and a victory, however minor, should be celebrated. This sudden willingness to do the task given to her is no doubt thanks to the alcohol in her body and mold in the air.

If you come down you'll find a very intoxicated witch. She's humming and stumbling a bit, which puts all those fine expensive bottles at great risk. But most importantly she's doing a very bad job at cleaning. But at least she's trying. That's the important thing, right?]
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[Anybody unaware of Kaphlar's current condition would mistake him for a man deep in thought... and maybe they wouldn't be completely off-base, for once? On one hand, he likes this lady's thinking, whoever she is. Yup, could use more people like her among the apprentices. On the other hand... Slacking off is risky for him, the way things stand right now. Fearing consequences isn't really his style, but he can't help but imagine that if he pisses off the Mistress again, she'll just make it so he straight up can't open his mouth without a dick in his ass.

... Shit, he bets that's some good wine, though.

He shrugs in acceptance and fetches his own crate to sit down on. As soon as Yuuko takes a sip, he signals at her to pass him the bottle.]
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[She passes him the bottle after her sip, running her tongue over her lips as she does. And yes this is some good wine. The mistress has some excellent taste in the liquor department. Yuuko can appreciate that. She can't wait to sample a few more...

Now, if only her cleaning partner in this unfortunate servitude was more talkative. This is going to be a very boring boozing if things continue at this pace.]

Are you the strong silent type or just lacking a voice in general?

[Had she her powers she could have felt the curse placed upon him but as it is this is just a guessing game. If she can get him talking this will be much better. It's not the end of the world if she can't as she does most of the talking in conversations anyway but it's nice to at least have someone give their voice occasionally.]
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[Kaph takes his own sip - well, okay, it's more of a large gulp - and lets out a big ol' heartfelt "Ahhhhhhh" at the end of it, but that's it. No words.

When the woman asks her question, he points and nods at the latter half of it, a resigned look on his face. He glances at the floor and has a thought - yeah, the floor is probably dusty enough that he could...

Yup. He bends over and clears some dust on the floor with his finger, writing the following: CAN'T TALK UNLESS IM DOING SOMETHING SEXY.

Then he looks at her and shrugs dramatically.]
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[She can't help but laugh. It's ridiculous but then everything thus far has been. Of course... Of course this person is cursed or doomed to not be able to speak unless he's performing some kind of sultry act.

She holds out the bottle to him, as he probably needs this more than she does which is saying something.]

Well. They say silence is golden, for what it's worth. If everyone was silent we'd all be wealthy, so on and so on... [She waves her hand. Her usual rhetoric of talking a lot feels wasted here.] I assume you could speak before? You don't even make an attempt to communicate with your hands or sign. If you were always mute I'd assume you would. That's why I ask. I'm curious about how you fell in such a state but I assume it's a long story to write on the floor.
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[He doesn't quite appreciate the laughter, especially considering the circumstances that landed him in this predicament. Just knowing that other people saw how the Mistress humiliated him is enough to make his blood boil.

But she'll get what's coming to her some day. For now, Kaph takes another enthusiastic swig from the bottle, then gives the woman a faux-apologetic tilt of the head. Thanks for giving him an easy out, there.

He takes a moment to discreetly eye her from top to bottom too. She's not bad-looking at all...

After giving her a furtive nudge, he writes a few more words on the floor:


And then he draws a winking face next to that.]
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Drinking and cleaning:

[Ardyn was used to cleaning by now and being ordered by the Mistress to do so. It was becoming a daily grind for him; get up, eat, drink, then find where he's supposed to clean today. This time, he wasn't cleaning knobs for a change, but venturing down into the cellar. It was cooler down here, as he walked into a room containing lots of glass bottles. Some of them looked like wine bottles.

Had he stumbled upon the secret supply of the castle's stash? Well, it couldn't be that secret, since the Mistress had asked them to come down here and clean. Ardyn set to work dusting and cleaning in between the shelves, occasionally pulling out a bottle and examining it. A few minutes later...]

She won't notice if one is empty, will she? Or three?

[He chuckled softly to himself, as he uncorked a bottle and sat down on the hard floor, drinking straight from the bottle. Ah, that felt good. He could feel the rich liquid pour down his throat, offering him up an incentive to stay down here to clean longer. The only thing he didn't notice was that there was some mould-like substance clinging to the stone walls all around him, which was giving off a rather noxious substance. A drug, which was slowly being inhaled by the oblivious Chancellor.]

High as a kite:

[Around half an hour later, Ardyn was up on his feet rather wobbly feeling very strange indeed. He was used to drinking wine, so it couldn't possibly be that, could it? He began chuckling to himself almost in a stupor, as he attempted to clean around the bottle shelf, but then felt the room spin.

Oh, not good. If anyone walks into the cellar they might find the Chancellor of Niflheim rather drunk-looking. He's actually high as a kite but he has no idea the mould has effected him so. Now, he's smirking at the bottle in his hand, as he drained it, let it go to smash onto the floor and began removing his clothes. Because why the hell not? It had suddenly got hot in here. He was sweating.]

That's better....oh, I can get some air to where I need it.

[He stripped naked, piling his clothes into the corner of the room, before pulling another bottle from the shelf, uncorking it and gulping the contents down. He was having a ball, or so he thought.]

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[Ardyn might not appreciate the company he was about to receive. Another outsider, sure, but Noctis was a guard and on top of that, they weren't friends. He was oblivious of the chancellor, he was just down here to find something for his headache. He was hung over after all the wine he slammed during the feast. His fellow guards were still hazing him and send him to the cellar for some kind of medicine. No such bottle exists, of course. They were just sending him away and laughing at his plight on their own.

So he barges right into the room with the wine bottles thinking this must be it. Maybe. He'd been through two rooms already and not found very much in the way of a hangover cure. But here there were bottles! Surely they were.... just... oh crap, they were more wine. Dammit.

Noctis groaned and rubbed his temples. He wants to just sit down here in the quiet and the cool damp. Maybe he can nap instead of work today? He hears a sound though.]

Mmm... who's there?
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[Even through the haze of wine and mould, Ardyn knew that voice from anywhere. He was clutching a half-empty bottle of wine, as he walked over to the prince, completely naked. His bare body was toned and muscled, so it wasn't exactly a sight for sore eyes. It just depends on your matter of taste. Why yes, he is rather high.]

Ah, your Majesty! Glad you could join me down here. It was getting so lonesome here all by myself. This wine is very good, you know.

[So good that he's apparently drunk one and a half bottles already. The mould was affecting his speech slightly, so forgive his slurred accent. He did notice that Noct wasn't quite himself. Was he also drunk? He seemed the little worse for wear.]
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[Nothing prepared him for the horror, the shock and the ghastliness of seeing Ardyn in the nude. He blinked at him blankly for a moment before his mind finally registered what was happening. Oh... oh gods What was he looking at? He averted his eyes.]

What is wrong with you? You've taken to trolling people in the nude now? Dammit... [Permanent damage there, now he knows what it looks like and he wishes he didn't. Ardyn would always be gross to him even though from an objective standpoint the man was fit. Chiseled, even. Someone who didn't know what an asshole he was might just think he was fuckable.

Dear Gods did he really just think about that? He groaned and tried to get up to leave but his head throbbed and he sat back down.]

Why are you drinking her wine anyway, aren't you supposed to be scrubbing something dick-shaped?
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[Ardyn let a low chuckle escape his lips, as he brought up the wine bottle taking a long swig from it. Was Noctis eyeing him up? Was that even a remote possibility? Poor lost prince.]

Oh, but I was. Well, cleaning this cellar that is. I've cleaned all the knobs for the day, as the Mistress has allowed us Apprentices down here in the cellars to clean.

[Or...not. This guy is high as a kite but not quite so much he's incoherent. Ardyn was a man not to be messed with when pissed or high. Have at thee, Noct.]

What about you, dear Noct? Come to spend some time with me down here alone? I must say you do look rather ravishing.

[Gods. Did he just say that word? Why, yes he did. The mould must be affecting how he thinks, since he is now eyeing up Noct.]

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[He didn't mean it in any sort of positive way. He was just sizing up the disaster. Like you'd stare at a car wreck.]

Why don't you get dressed and get back to that? She's gonna be pissed when she sees you've been drinking her wine.

[He regrets that he's stuck here for the time being. He's smelling something weird down here... was it rotten? Damp? Was it Ardyn? He ignored it, he was stuck here until he could muster the strength to get out of this room and head upstairs... ugh but guard duty in his state was just not going to happen. His head was pounding. His feet hurt at the thought. Boots and the thong and the corset... he couldn't handle that humiliation while hung over.

He watched Ardyn carefully and closed his legs.]

The hell is that supposed to mean?
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[Oh, this was too good to be true. Poor prince Noctis with a hangover stuck within the confines of the damp, stone cellar. Ardyn smirked and placed the bottle down, whilst watching Noct with his fogged amber eyes. Usually, they were sharp like a hawk's, but right now they were glazed over by the effect of the mould. It was like a drug causing havoc his brain, making him think....things. Awful, lewd, filthy things.]

What do you think it means? Come now, Majesty. Surely, the line of Lucis gave you ample intelligence to figure this one out.

[He was playing with him it seemed. Ardyn closed the gap faster than you'd think being a man drugged up and slightly drunk. Oh, he still had his wits about him in that area, as he grabbed hold of Noctis, pushing him up against the wall softly. Not violently, but more playfully. He had a dangerous glint in his eye, as he caressed the young prince's cheek with his hand. Watch out, Noct, this guy is naked and very close to you.]

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[He was foggy too. He didn't quite realize the gaze he was getting from the chancellor. He could tell he was sizing him up but he didn't detect anything sexual, he was just waiting to be dismissed or taunted again. So surprise surprise when he is suddenly hauled up from the floor and pinned to the wall, his cape couldn't hide anything now. His uniform was bare to Ardyn and everything it didn't cover up.

This reminded him of the feast and Ardyn's hands on him. He grimaced.]

The hell do you want, just... put me down. Stop.
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Stop? Oh, but I've barely begun, dear Noctis.

[Another low chuckle and Ardyn began pressing up kisses to his neck area, finding the hot flesh beneath his tongue to be quite pleasant indeed. He rasped his tongue along Noct's neck, as he began caressing his crotch area. Fondling might be the more apt word.

He was in no mood to put the poor boy down or let him go in fact. Nope. He wanted to fuck him. Rough, hard and needy.]
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Trigger warning!! Non-con!!

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Ugh gross. Are you-- Dude!. Stop.

[His hand on his balls wasn't appreciated... but it wasn't that bad. He could still get out of this jam. He tried to break Ardyn's hold on him.]

Ardyn, I never knew you cared but fucking dtop. You're all gross... and naked.
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[Gross? Oh, he's not that, dear Noct. Anything but. This guy knows what he's doing, even high on mould and completely nude.]


[He hissed in the boy's ear, before biting the lobe softly, as he groped at Noct's crotch. The Chancellor managed to grab hold of the boy's manhood under his clothes, giving him a hard squeeze.]

Will you strip, or will I have to do it for you?